Sundara Clark, Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato

Vegan Gelato you say?  I’m sure anyone who has had an allergy to dairy products is perking up right now…Sundara Clark is mixing up some delicious flavors in some very chic packaging down in SoHum.  I am salivating at the thought of her ice “cream” sandwiches – something you are sure to find at the weekly farmers markets in Garberville in the summertime.  So…you are wondering about flavors — how about: Naked Vanilla, Naked Chocolate, Midnight Mint…or The Chai and I?  and there are more!  Some flavors are seasonal, some include local ingredients, and Sundara is always playing in the kitchen trying to find other combinations to add to her greatest hits list.  Check out her website or Listen here

Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato

Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato

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