Tony Herrera, California Dept. of Agriculture

I am the Eggman, I am the Walrus, kukukeju — yes, after interviewing Tony Herrera, I was singing this song — because Tony is truly the eggman for the California Dept. of Ag — and knows all the ins and outs of what you need to do to be able to sell your eggs.  Do you know what a Julian date is?…well, listen and find out.  There is more to an egg than meets the eye, and I’m not yolking (I had to…sorry!)


Dena Powers, Living the Dream Icecream

If you watch the Food Network — and I admit I do…then you have seen ice cream joints like this one.  This place is whipping up flavors that you have never thought of…or maybe you have — and if you have, you should email your ideas to the owners, because they have made a batch of every suggestion that anyone has sent them.  Now what other business do you know that does that?!  Of course, you are wondering — were there ever any real dogs?  I mean flavors that are just downright nasty?  Well, according to Dena — there has never been a batch that the staff wasn’t willing to devour in order not to waste the ice cream.  So…if you get an urge to have bacon in the your ice cream, or think there just aren’t enough cookies in the standard cookies and cream…head on over to the newest ice cream biz in Old Town Eureka.  This is where they are Living The(ir) Dream!  Listen here.  Website here.

Barbara Groom, Lost Coast Brewery

Barbara Groom was such a treat to interview — while there are very few females in the brewery business, Barbara is rocking it here in Humboldt County.  While historically women have been the beer makers and brew masters within their own homes and villages, the micro brew industry is predominantly run by men.  Interestingly enough, women have more taste buds than men, making more women “super tasters” making them more sensitive to nuance of flavors that appear in beer.  Male brew masters push up the hoppy flavors of their IPA — and hello!  that’s why I have always thought I didn’t like beer.  Now, with a little education — and more choices in the beer arena — I have found several beers that are very delicious.  So, on a hot day — you might find me with a beer in hand — and it might just be a Lost Coast Brewery beer.  To listen to the interview.  To check out their website.