Captain Zack’s Crab House, Susan Rotwein

Zack is the fisherman and he brings back some of his haul to Susan who runs Captain Zack’s Crab House.  Many people miss the restaurant that she used to run, but you can still buy fresh cooked crab straight from the docks to her pot.  Take a listen to our interview.

Christa Sinadinos, The Northwest School for Botanical Studies

Foraging is always an interesting phenomenon to me — I am learning new ways to do it, including my latest foray into seaweed collection.  Christa Sinadinos grew up foraging with her Greek-American grandparents, winding up as the director of The Northwest School for Botanical Studies. Listen to the interview, and check out her website.

Moonstone Crossing Winery

I’ve finally done it — finally got Don Bremm into the studio for an interview.  I had harassed him for quite a while, usually contacting him at the worst possible time (during the crush).  But finally I caught up with him and learned about the business of winemaking in Humboldt. give it a listen and you can check out his website.

Lighthouse Cafe and Humboldt Homemade

I have definitely watched enough of the Foodnetwork to have swooned at the sight of Humboldt Homemade on the Arcata Plaza last summer at the Farmers Market.  The sight of Humboldtians slowly consuming a simple pleasure that would have proudly appeared on the national network — a savory cone (rosemary I found out later), stuffed with mashed potatoes, beef brisket, and topped with gravy.  Really?  Seriously?  Heavenly?  YES!

I finally had the chance to visit the restaurant owned by Sherry and Chuck Vanderpool — the Lighthouse Cafe.  I had been to the site many times over the past 10 years, but it had been many restaurants during that time.

It is located in the parking area in front of the grocery store in Trinidad — you know the one.  And I found that they had expanded the dining area since I’d last been there.  Nice!  I was a little worried since I went up there for a field trip with Engineer Jessica Eden…and it was sort of drizzly outside…so when I pulled up was happy to see that there was a larger dining area (last time I’d been there, the indoor dining was 2 small tables for two).

My “cone” arrived in a sweet little metal stand that held it upright while I devoured it — ah yes, if you get it at the Lighthouse Cafe you can get bacon on it too…which I did…surprise surprise!

So here is the deal so you don’t get confused.  Sherry and Chuck own the Lighthouse Cafe, as well as Humboldt Homemade (which sells homecooked meals which are frozen and delivered to your home) — and when you see the booth at the Farmers Market in Arcata — that is also Humboldt Homemade.  Have I confused you? — Then I guess you will have to take a field trip too.

Listen to the interview or check out the website for Humboldt Homemade Meals and if you are a Facebook fan — check out Lighthouse Cafe Trinidad.

Lunchbox Envy

I have a terrible confession to make — I threw away a lot of lunches when I was a kid!  or maybe not all of the lunch, but lots of good food went into the trash.  Why does it happen?

The Heirloom Tomatoes (you remember them from the Locally Delicious Cookbook, their work to fund local farmers to provide produce to Food for People, as well as tireless efforts to get more people to eat more locally produced food), have been working on a solution.  Their new cookbook Lunchbox Envy provides the solution to the age-old question — what to put into a sack that a child will eat.  Things that are easy to prepare for parents who are struggling with full-time jobs and hectic lives.  Ways to involve children in the decision of What’s for Lunch?!  Ways to involve children into Where Does Food Come From?!

Listen to the interview with Heirloom Tomato Suzanne Simpson, and check out the Locally Delicious Website — which is chock full of resources and information.

Nature’s Serving: World Food Fast

Food trucks are all the rage — spend any time watching the Food Network and you will see that every kind of gourmet food is served up from within the confines of a moveable feast — literally on wheels.  In Humboldt County there are food trucks — however most of them don’t really move — I know, the irony of it all.  Well, Leira Satloff, owner of Nature’s Serving: World Food Fast is doing it up right — right here in Humboldt.

Leira is offering Mediterranean inspired food, locally sourced, and located wherever she parks.  She even has plans to grow a lot of the food on her own property, especially the greens which — if you can’t grow greens year-round in Humboldt, you should give up your shovel.  Listen to the interview with Leira, or check out her website.