Sundara Clark, Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato

Vegan Gelato you say?  I’m sure anyone who has had an allergy to dairy products is perking up right now…Sundara Clark is mixing up some delicious flavors in some very chic packaging down in SoHum.  I am salivating at the thought of her ice “cream” sandwiches – something you are sure to find at the weekly farmers markets in Garberville in the summertime.  So…you are wondering about flavors — how about: Naked Vanilla, Naked Chocolate, Midnight Mint…or The Chai and I?  and there are more!  Some flavors are seasonal, some include local ingredients, and Sundara is always playing in the kitchen trying to find other combinations to add to her greatest hits list.  Check out her website or Listen here

Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato

Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato


Arcata Scoop, Nicole and Garrett Nada

Icecream, we’re gonna have Icecream!  If you are over 50, you probably remember the old Bill Cosby routine that made me realize I’m not alone — ice cream is one of my favorite things.  I remember my first introduction to Mocha chip — and how I found that I also loved Mint Chip (you see the pattern here)…but then!  I found that there was icecream that wasn’t made by the huge military industrial complex!  That it could be handmade in small batches and that it was crafted, each batch was it’s own unique deliciousness — made with the best ingredients, many of which were locally sourced.  Locally sourced — what do I mean by that?  Well, in a recent trip to Dave Wilbur’s You-Pick Blueberry Stand, who should I see but Garrett Nada scooping up all the very best blueberries — a giant bowl that was going to meld with delicious cream and become blueberry icecream the very next day.  Welcome to my world — check out Arcata Scoop and the interview with Garrett and Nicole…then go get ice cream!

Dena Powers, Living the Dream Icecream

If you watch the Food Network — and I admit I do…then you have seen ice cream joints like this one.  This place is whipping up flavors that you have never thought of…or maybe you have — and if you have, you should email your ideas to the owners, because they have made a batch of every suggestion that anyone has sent them.  Now what other business do you know that does that?!  Of course, you are wondering — were there ever any real dogs?  I mean flavors that are just downright nasty?  Well, according to Dena — there has never been a batch that the staff wasn’t willing to devour in order not to waste the ice cream.  So…if you get an urge to have bacon in the your ice cream, or think there just aren’t enough cookies in the standard cookies and cream…head on over to the newest ice cream biz in Old Town Eureka.  This is where they are Living The(ir) Dream!  Listen here.  Website here.