Amber Madrone, Wildberries Marketplace

If you have spent any time at HSU, you know that Wildberries is walking distance and sort of like a Trader Joes, Whole Foods-ish sort of place — great sandwiches, a Ramones in-house, a great little sunroom/dining area/hangout and lots of opportunities to buy local products…thanks in large part to Amber Madrone.

Wildberries Website

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Humboldt Hotdogs, John Quaccia

Who knew hotdogs would be so very interesting, in fact friends of mine said they heard the interview and almost changed the channel until they became engrossed in the story of John Quaccia, former social worker, now owner of Humboldt Hotdogs.  To listen to that interview, click here.

Humboldt Made Fair – Michelle Wyler and Jacqueline Debets

This year (July 2011) the name of the Redwood Acres Fair changed to the Humboldt Made Fair and the focus is on products Made in Humboldt.  Buy Fresh Buy Local representative Michelle Wyler and the Humboldt County Economic Development Department’s Jacqueline Debets teamed up to tell us what was happening in this new fair.  One new element that I found intriguing was a Taste of Place dinner featuring local foods — so easy to do in Humboldt County because there are very few things we don’t have available here (of course July is tricky since we still didn’t have the heat for all those warm weather crops). 

Hopefully — this concept will catch on in a big way in the future. 

To listen to this interview, click here.

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