Emblem Club, Suzie Owsley and Jim Berry

The Emblem Club is a club within the Elks Club — it is dedicated to performing service work in the community and scholarships for youth.  Jim Berry is the president, and Suzie Owsley has been working on a new opportunity that the Emblem Club provides.  I know — you are waiting to see how food fits into this!  Well, the Emblem Club decided that they would use cooking classes as a means to fund raise.

Cooking classes can be a great way to introduce young people to the fun, art, science and magic of cooking.  I take for granted that I grew up around great cooks like my grandmother and mom, lots of aunts, but seriously — there were no men that cooked in my family.  The men in my family loved great food but with all the wonderful women cooks, I guess they figured why bother?  Many young people unfortunately are the product of several generations where cooking means a box of mac and cheese, or sliding some chicken nuggets on to a baking sheet and popping them in the oven.

It’s time to take back the kitchen!  To get more information about the Emblem Club and the cooking classes they offer you can check them out on Facebook.  To listen to the interview, click here!


Chef April Goess from the CIA

June Walsh loves to tell people that her daughter works for the CIA — the look on their face is truly priceless.  It is even more priceless when they discover that the CIA June is referring to is the Culinary Institute of America, and April is a trained chef teaching on their campus in San Antonio Texas.

April grew up here in Humboldt County and spent quite a bit of her youth working in some of our local landmark restaurants like the Eureka Inn and the Benbow Inn.  A great beginning for someone destined to make a career working with food.  April made her way back to Humboldt for a visit in August 2016 and taught a couple of classes to help raise funds for the Humboldt Botanical Garden Foundation (a cause near and dear to June’s heart).Chef April 1 Chef April 2

Listen here

Find out more about the CIA in San Antonio Texas

Meagen Baldy, Eating Healthy in Indian Country

Grady Walker, from Green Fire Farms, emailed me a couple of months ago, and said there was someone I really should interview, Meagen Baldy.  Well, of course Grady was right!

Meagen is the Community Garden Coordinator in Hoopa, hosts a You Tube show called Eating Healthy in Indian Country, is a UC Master Food Preserver…and oh yes…she has 4 children!  And they are amazing!  Recently I was helping to cook for the Master Food Preserver graduation program and Meagen comes in with a heaping bag of fry bread and starts whipping up some salmon spread from salmon she has smoked and canned herself — and in come her 4 children — “can I help?!” they plead…I wish I had such help in the kitchen at home.  They launched into making pizzas for the party — enthusiastic as I taught them how to stretch the dough and put the toppings on.  And this — in a nutshell — is Meagen…teaching children to know about their food and to cook is part of her mission, where the rubber hits the road, walking the talk — and you can tell Meagen does it all with grace and style — you can check out her YouTube videos and see for yourself!

Listen to the interview here

Ann Harris, Food for People Cooking Classes

Ann Harris is teaching people how to cook!  Recently retired she has been able to apply her passion for fresh produce and nutrition as the volunteer instructor for the Food for People cooking classes.  Ann talks about this opportunity in an interview, listen here.

Chef Karen Phillips — Cooking Classes for Food for People

To listen to an interview with Chef Karen Phillips click here