Dawn Walker and Natalie Ferris, Forage Apothecary

Dawn Walker and Natalie Ferris are concocting edible medicinal treats from our friend, the cannabis plant.  Like they say — a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down — so many of these edibles are on the sweet side — and most people aim to cover the skunk-like flavor of cannabis with other flavors and textures.  Of course right now Forage Apothecary is walking the fine line and that was clear as I asked questions and they tactfully dodged many of them.  We did talk about the high CBD cannabis vs. the less fun high THC cannabis — and finding the correct dose so people can find their happy place, and be able to return to the here and now when ready.  As California moves closer to legalizing cannabis for recreational use Humboldt will be on the forefront of the edible industry, and I’m sure Forage Apothecary is gearing up to be ready.

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Abe Stevens, Humboldt Distillery

As expected the elephant in the Humboldt County living room has appeared in another Food for Thought episode.  Cannabis infused vodka, AKA Humboldt’s Finest — like we all didn’t know it was coming.  Certainly it is going to be on almost every gift list this next holiday season.

However, it does make us wonder if this is just a novelty item with a limited run, or if it will be a regular in a “traditional” Humboldt County gift box — cuddling up against a block of Loleta Cheese.  With all of the herbal essences that infuse various vodka brands these days, this could have some POTential — and get the idea that you will feel the psychoactive effects of Cannabis out of your head — there is only enough THC in the hemp (the very first legal batch grown in the U.S. following the 2014 Farm Bill) to barely register on the Cannabis Meter.  So what is next for cannabis infusion?  I guess the better question is — what isn’t?!

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Cooking With Cannabis, Elise McDonough





  •  It was like the elephant in the living room — all of these interviews I’d done about food in Humboldt…and there it was…the ubiquitous Marijuana Brownie.  You can travel all over the U.S. and when you mention that you are from Humboldt County — people will do the whole wink wink nod nod — which I find pretty annoying to tell you the truth.  Humboldt County is an amazing place filled with wonderful people and without a doubt the best food on this planet…but for some people we will only be known as the Marijuana Capitol of the World.

So here I am doing this radio show and interviewing people about food and Humboldt…and decided it’s time to deal with that elephant.  What better way than to interview Elise McDonough, Editor for High Times Magazine, who literally wrote the book on cooking with pot when she authored, “The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High.”  And while the brownie is still alive and well in the cookbook — there is so very much more, so much in fact that we had to follow up with a second interview.

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