Gary and Candee Mooslin, FV Blue Dolphin

Tuna Candee 1This is the year — I’m planning on canning tuna — smoked tuna, tuna and tamari, tuna and lemon, TUNA TUNA TUNA!  It takes quite a bit of time (since it must be pressure canned), but I’m thinkin’ of making a little party of it.  So — in preparation for canning tuna I have to find myself a fisherman…or fisherwoman…or in this case both!

Gary and Candee Mooslin have been fishing for albacore and I am on their list.  When they start heading in with a full boat of albacore they call the people on their list — (yes, they call them — the old fashioned way, one person at a time…because this is, after all, Humboldt County and that’s why we love it here).  If you pre-order loins they will filet the fish for you (which will save you time and the question of how to dispose of all those albacore carcasses), or you can order the whole fish and do it yourself.  Putting the whole fish in your deep freezer can be tricky — they are like baby torpedoes and don’t bend — but you can then decide when you want to can and pop them out to the fridge to thaw, then can.Tuna Candee 2

Candee can give you information about canning — she does it a lot.  In fact — I think I whined (I can be truly shameless) and she gave Jessica and I each a pint jar of the most beautiful albacore I’ve ever seen.  And!  it was delicious too!

If you think you want to get on Gary and Candee’s list for albacore — give them a call at (707) 768-3841.  If they are out fishing…it might take a while for them to get back to you. Listen Here!


North Coast Growers Association Farmers Market

The eating local rubber hits the road at a farmers market — and the Saturday Farmers Market in Arcata is the best I’ve ever been to.  Whenever I travel I always make it a point to check out the local farmers market scene — whether in or out of the country, that’s the place to see the people who raise the food and share it with the rest of us!

So Jessica Eden and I decided to take a little field recorder to a Saturday Farmers Market in Arcata — and we started out with a bang.  Laura from NCGA asked me if I wanted to ring the bell — are you kidding?  I was like a kid in a candy store — and if you were at that market you were probably wondering why the bell ringer wouldn’t stop ringing the bell (just doin’ my job…)

We talked with lots of people that day — people waiting in line for peaches, farmers who were also shoppers, children with strawberries tucked into their red lips!  Listen Here

Lisa and Laurence Hindley, Hindley Ranch

I heart gluten — I know, there are some of you that just can’t digest the stuff — but I just love it, love saying that bread is the staff of life, and eat it every day.  I got turned on by local wheat when Shakefork Farm started growing it many years ago — and I knew from talking to some oldtimers in Hoopa, that Humboldt County used to grow lots of wheat — but when farmers had to “get big or get out” the small wheat farmers were pushed out of business.

Kevin and Melanie Cunningham, John LaBoyteaux, Dan Primerano, and the Hindley’s are some of our new grain pioneers — and people like Rhonda Wiedenbeck from Beck’s Bakery and Jacob Pressey from Humboldt Regeneration (BEER!) make sure that it ends up in local products for us all to enjoy (and, if you want to make your own bread with it — Rhonda sells that too, at the farmers market).

The Hindley’s have a farm out in Honeydew and have been growing local wheat.  Listen Here — you can visit their Hindley Ranch website

Sheil Pec-Krause, Tule Fog Farm

I had heard about Sheil before the interview — she had been involved with a movement to help people raise local poultry…until she considered that the feed for local poultry has to be shipped in from the grain growing regions of the US…and thought — maybe we should just ship in the chicken!  it might just be more environmentally friendly.  Chickens require specific feed that just isn’t raised anywhere we would consider local.

So…she got into raising hogs and has a Meat CSA — called Tule Fog Farm — where she raises pastured pork that can be fed excess produce…yes, it takes longer to raise that CAFO pork, it actually takes 2 years to reach maturity.  To find out more about Tule Fog Farm and pasture raised pork — listen here.  In the meantime check out their Facebook Site

Debbie Perticara, Natural Resources Services RCAA

Do you want to garden — raise some of your own food, enjoy the outdoors, meet other gardeners to share tips, seeds and plants?  Don’t you wish someone would help organize that?  Especially if you don’t have a garden space of your own!  Well, that’s exactly what Debbie Perticara from RCAA (Redwood Community Action Agency) does!  She keeps track of where there are community garden spaces and schools that have gardens and need volunteers — among other things.  Listen here and  check out their RCAA Community Garden Website

Humboldt Honeywine, Paul Leslie

If you are like me…you’ve tried mead — and generally found it to be very sweet and cloying — and next time someone offered you a taste of mead…well, you passed.

I am so glad I didn’t pass when I went to the Saturday Arcata Farmers Market and tucked away in a tent that sort of reminded me of the middle east somehow — I saw Paul Leslie was offering tastes of Humboldt Honeywine.  (If you are a long-time Humboldt resident — you also enjoy the play on the words Humboldt Honey).  I tasted it and  experienced a complex myriad of flavors that completely took my taste buds by surprise.  It wasn’t dry — but it certainly wasn’t the sweet honey flavor that I expected (was very happy about that)…I really really liked it!

So give it a try and keep an open mind — even if you haven’t liked honeywine or mead in the past — Humboldt Honeywine might just be your next big find —

Listen Here and check out  Humboldt Honey Wine Facebook Page

Elissa Verdillo, Cacao Cocoon

CacaoCocoonWhat would it be like to mix luscious chocolate and honey together into a bar that is more satisfying that anything that ever came in one of those brown wrappers?  Cacao Cocoon is making it happen!  Elissa Verdillo here with Zach and Sol came down to KHSU to talk about the journey to make some of the best chocolate you will ever taste. Listen Here and say the name over and over again…it will make you happy — and…

Check out their Cacao Cocoon Website!