A Place at the Table, Anne Holcomb Food for People

We ALWAYS look forward to having Food for People Executive Director Anne Holcomb on for an interview — she has such a wonderful caring presence and she, and her staff, work so hard to bring good high quality food to Food for People.  She is so good at getting people to help out that I don’t think I know one person who hasn’t volunteered for Food for People at one time or the other.  When she called to say she wanted to talk about a film they were hosting called “A Place at the Table” I was down for the cause!

The Food for People website is here in case you want to volunteer too!

The interview


Siobhan and Geoff, Black Sheep Farm

Black Sheep Farm is on a small plot of land in Bayside, run by two people who do a lot of the work the old fashioned way…by hand.  Siobhan and Geoff are two escapees from the world beyond Humboldt where everyone strives to make more money than their neighbor and no one knows how much is enough — I say all this because I am very familiar with that world which is the reason I live here!  Check out their website — especially their recipe section (oh yes, the photo section is beautiful too)…they use the term “curate” to talk about how they prepare the food, and their simple food becomes beautiful works of art in their hands.

the interview

Sports Fishing, Doug McCullough

Doug and Ninon McCullough are some of my closest friends…so as my dad used to say — What are friends for if you can’t use them?…without a bit of shame I invited myself and Jessica Eden on a salmon fishing trip.  I loaded up on Bonine to help with seasickness (I was very worried about this, tall tales of the high seas can send me retching)…and we searched the weather reports for a day that would be incredibly calm.  I also found out I could buy a one-day fishing permit just in case we were incredibly lucky and could get 2 more salmon…

well, as it turned out — I was in the way a lot of the time with camera gear — but we still came up with 2 salmon…and a lot of footage.

Part 1 interview

Part 2 interview

Seal on buoy...Doug doesn't like seals...

Seal on buoy…Doug doesn’t like seals…

Female salmon -- removing roe

Female salmon — removing roe

Doug gets his chance as videographer

Doug gets his chance as videographer


Jess Eden walks the dock at first light toward the waiting boat at Trinidad harbor

doug reelingl003 doug in lot.Still001 boat in harbor.Still004


Humboldt Distillery, Abe Stevens

Update!  We are pleased to announce that the Organic Vodka was awarded a gold medal at the highly respected 2014 Denver International Spirits Competition held this month in Denver, Colorado.  Congratulations to Abe Stevens and Humboldt Distillery!  They are also offering a spiced rum too…rum yum!

My husband was all smug when he came home and told me there was a distillery in Fortuna — usually I know about the food and drink businesses before he does.  A little scooping around on the internet and I had enough info to give Abe Stevens a call.  The business is Humboldt Distillery — it’s the vodka with the crab on the bottle…most common question he is asked?  is it crab-flavored vodka? — of course not!  Coming soon rum and brandy — but in the meantime you can check out his website — and the interview

Humboldt Distillery