Rachael Patton, Food is Love, Love is Food

I have seen some beautiful food in my day — delicious for the eyes as well as for the mouth and stomach — but nothing compares to the beauty of the food created by Rachael Patton.  Never have I seen flowers used to this extent in wraps and platters, creating mandalas of deliciousness.  Rachael focuses on highlighting local produce in her gluten and animal free feasts, you can find her at the Farmers’ Market in Arcata (which is where I tracked her down).  If you’d like to track her down to have her cater a party or just to buy a delicious empanada at the market — you can find her website here or listen to our interview.


Copy of Party Platters


Brett Shuler Fine Catering

There are a lot of caterers out there, and if you are just interested in the bottom line price and quantity vs. quality — you should contact one of them.  If you are interested in showcasing some of the best food that Humboldt County has to offer, foods that are in season, that taste the best that they are ever going to taste, then give Brett a call.

Check out his website that lists some of his menus

Listen to his interview

Lauren Sarabia, Comfort of Home Catering

Well, I finally met Lauren Sarabia — you probably know her, a Locally Delicious Heirloom Tomato, educating us all about local food and how wonderful it is!  You probably also know she has a catering company — aptly named Comfort of Home Catering.  Sharing food and comfort is important for Lauren — and as a caterer she also understands many of the challenges of incorporating local food.  Hosting an event soon?  Keep in mind the story behind the food, always best when eating something locally produced by caring hands!  Find out more about her catering business by going to the website of Comfort of Home Catering.

Listen Here!