Spring Hill Farmstead Goat Cheese – Karin Eide

Karin Eidi (pronounced Kuh-rin Eye-dee) is the proud owner of Spring Hill Farmstead Goat Cheese. Humboldt County, home also to Mary Keehn’s Cypress Grove, has a taste for goat cheese and we’ve been missing that small batch, farmstead crafted flavor.  Thanks for Karin, it’s baaa-aaack!

Karin tends her goats on her lovely little farmstead in the Bayside area, and she milks them, and she makes the cheese.  I got a chance at the Saturday Arcata Farmers Market to taste some of her feta — bought some, and whipped up a Greek Zoodle Salad (yes, I have a spiralizer — you are surprised?!)  It was FAN-tastic!  Her cheese is so popular and her batches small — so if you don’t get there early beware…  She sells out at every market.

You can listen to the interview with Karin and/or check out her facebook site (and video made by a WOOF-er), at https://www.facebook.com/springhillfarmsteadgoatcheese/

Cannibal Island Creamery, Lori Hansen

What a pleasant surprise I had this year at the Farmers Markets to see a new face, Lori Hansen’s.  Lori has been raising goats for milk for over a decade, but this year decided to diversify her operation and put in a new creamery on her Cannibal Island ranch.  She is making a lovely chevre which she has been selling plain as well as herb blends, and will soon start selling her feta cheese (I will be lining up for that for sure!)…

There are many theories about how Cannibal Island got it’s name — but rest assured that none of them involve consumption of human flesh…despite the popularity of all these zombie movies!  It is actually a lovely spot down by Cock Robin Island in Loleta.  How do I know where it is?  well I know a good deal when I hear one — and not only am I buying chevre but have been the shoveler of several loads of goat manure for my garden.  Win-win!

Not only is Lori selling her cheese directly to customers like us — but more and more restaurants are picking up her cheese and putting it on the menu.  Luke’s Joint in Arcata was the first on board — and others soon followed.  And now Lori has printed up some T-shirts with the lovely logo..

Check out their facebook page or Listen to the interview

Cannibal Island Creamery T-Shirt

Cannibal Island Creamery T-Shirt

Ralph Smith, North Coast Co-op Meat Department

Ralph Smith is the Head of the Meat Dept at the North Coast Co-op — you know what they say about getting to know your butcher, that’s the way to get the best cuts of meat.  Ralph and I talked about how to develop that relationship and the types of things you can ask a butcher to do for you…to listen…click here

Gianaclis Caldwell, Pholia Farms

Pholia Farms

Gianaclis Caldwell and her husband own Pholia Farm in Rogue River Oregon.  There she raises some very sweet dairy goats, write a blog, wrote 2 books — one on how to start a farmstead cheese business and the other, most recent book, on making cheese — how does she have the time?…I think she must wonder the same thing!

Cheesemaking Class offered by Gianaclis Caldwell

Check out her website and her fascinating blog  where I learned why they dis-bud goats

The business end of the dairy goat herd

(remove the cells that turn into horns — so they don’t get caught on fences).

Part 1

Part 2

The Farmstead Creamery Advisor:The Complete Guide to Building and Running a Small Farm-Based Cheese Business

by Gianaclis Caldwell.

Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking: The Ultimate Guide for Home-Scale and Market Producers– by Gianaclis Caldwell and Ricki Carroll (Queen of Cheese), coming out September 2012.

Takelma cheese, the various varieties of artisan cheese produced by Pholia Farms are named after local landmarks…but are much more tasty!

Maggy Herbelin and Goat’s Milk Cheeses

On a glorious sunfilled afternoon, we talked with Maggy Herbelin about extreme cooking and food preparation.  Maggy creates her own ingredients by making cheese, yogurt, sour cream — as a microbiologist, Maggy has fun playing with the creatures that make some of the foods we savor.  Let me entertain you with some of Maggy’s photos of her “babies” and then you can listen to the interview.

Baby goats with their favorite meal...goat's milk!


Is it my imagination or does this goat look bad!


Caring for baby goats


Rambunctious Goat Fun


Bottle feeding goats...does it get any better than this?