Jeanine Cava, Hungry for Change

Talking with passionate, articulate, bright young women always gets me charged up for our future.  I know — it’s easy to get pessimistic about that these days, but really, I’ve found it so rejuvenating to talk with young women.  Jeanine Cava is no exception.  She is wanting to educate people about hunger in our society using a curriculum called Hungry for Change which uses the  North West Earth Institute’s discussion based course and materials.  This course discusses issues of food security, climate change, agroecology, and sustainable food systems.

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Eric Holt-Gimenez, Food First

In this 2-part interview with Eric Holt-Gimenez, Eric talks about food politics in developing countries and how individuals can make choices about the food they purchase.

Part 1 Click Here

Part 2 Click Here

For More information about Food First, check out the website

North Coast Co-op — Jacque Torres

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To lister to the interview with Jacque Torres that aired on February 5, 2010 Click Here

Noah Zerbe — Assoc. Prof. Govmt Politics HSU

Noah Zerbe –Noah Zerbe is an Associate Professor in the Department  
of Govmt and Politics at HSU — he discusses issues that are international 
as well as local when trying to be socially responsible about food  

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For more information about Noah Zerbe and Humboldt State University: