Daniel Draskinis, Gold Nugget Ghee

Talking with Daniel Draskinis I found out I needed a little hipness infusion.  Apparently young hipster professionals have been drinking up “bulletproof coffee” and I’ve never heard of it.  A little ghee in your coffee?  I guess so!  Apparently it helps the gray matter retain factoids — sort of makes sense — the brain is a big fatty deposit with occasional bouts of thought…maybe mine could use a boost too!

But putting ghee in my coffee?  It certainly doesn’t hurt that Daniel makes a chocolate ghee, why yes!  I think I will!  Daniel gave me a jar of ghee and next morning I scooped some into my coffee.  For those of you who say…as I did…won’t it be a little creepy to have an oil slick on my coffee?  It really didn’t bother me, it was in fact pretty darned tasty — and I did feel much more articulate and smarterer when I finished it (I did that for you!).

Daniel is whipping up gigantic batches — well, gigantic compared to things I do in my kitchen, he’s still small batch compared to the mega-corporations. If you want to know how much is in a batch I guess you’ll have to listen to the interviews — so much good stuff there are 2 parts!  You can also check out his website.

Part 1

Part 2


Alexandre Dairy and Eggs, Stephanie Alexandre

If you are like me, you were surprised to see our very own and very local Alexandre Kids eggs in our local Costco.  These Alexandre Kids are the children of Stephanie and Blake Alexandre, a couple living up in Crescent City who operate a dairy.  Their children began a more modest egg operation which has blossomed into a larger regional operation with the chickens being pasture raised on the sustainable farm.  So much to say — I suggest you listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview.  There will be more to come as Alexandre Dairy expands services in the coming months!