Maggy Herbelin and Goat’s Milk Cheeses

On a glorious sunfilled afternoon, we talked with Maggy Herbelin about extreme cooking and food preparation.  Maggy creates her own ingredients by making cheese, yogurt, sour cream — as a microbiologist, Maggy has fun playing with the creatures that make some of the foods we savor.  Let me entertain you with some of Maggy’s photos of her “babies” and then you can listen to the interview.

Baby goats with their favorite meal...goat's milk!


Is it my imagination or does this goat look bad!


Caring for baby goats


Rambunctious Goat Fun


Bottle feeding goats...does it get any better than this?

Danielle Orr

Danielle Orr, Volunteer at KHSU, gets a turn at the other side of the interview by providing us with a look into her life and why she grows and raises some of her own food including a fabulous selections of berries — click here.

Danielle Orr with one of her favorite berries!

Happy healthy harvest!

and a harvest of beauty...