Wild Rose Farm, Blake and Tae Richard

New short film about Blake Richard and locally produced quinoa here!

I came across Tae at the farmers market in Arcata one lovely Saturday morning — and there he sat behind a colorful mound of…what?!  Quinoa?!  Seriously — have you seen quinoa?  Who is going to grow and harvest such a small seed — well, I’ll tell you who — Tae and his father Blake!  So I got a hold of Blake and talked him into coming in for an interview — we talked about all of the wonderful veg they are growing and their start in this very new venture.  So…do you know that the only other domestic producers of quinoa are in Colorado?  and there is only one farmer there that grows it.  Hats off to Tae and Blake — pick up some of their beautiful multicolored quinoa and support their new enterprise!  Quinoa salads all around!

Quinoa Harvest 2016

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