Jana Ashbrook, Planet Chai

Mmmm…you have no idea how delicious it was, that frosty iced Planet Chai that Jana brought into the studio when she was interviewed — it really hit the spot!  I also enjoy a nice toasty Planet Chai made with delicious Organic Humboldt Creamery milk — even 1% is decadent.  Listen to the interview here


Reah Roberts, Arise Bakery

Reah Roberts, owner of Arise Bakery, makes gluten-free baked goods and is working to establish a CSB…that would be a Community Supported Bakery.  Members join and every week receive an assortment of the various items she is making. Reah also sells her tasty gluten-free items at the Saturday Farmers Market in Arcata.

To listen to an interview with Reah, click here.