Cris Hollen, Folie Douce

Folie Douce — translated by some to be Magnificent Obsession — is a restaurant that has not only been using local produce in the menu, but has been describing them in great detail…even before the word locavore was commonly used in every day conversations.  Cris has a passion for gardening and farming so you know that she cares about where the food comes from.

How do I know Folie Douce?  well…in my previous life I had a job in Arcata and would walk by the restaurant.  You can see the kitchen from the window on the street, lovely balls of dough proof in the warmth of the day right before your very eyes — waiting to make the pizza upon which I gauge all of my home-made pizzas.  The kind where the crust is not just holding up the ingredients but is a taste treat itself — and the ingredients are highlighted in their own way — never the gooey mozzarella that hangs in sheets and would stretch to the door and back.  Always a fine display of excellent quality ingredients that each have their own intense and beautiful flavors to be enjoyed on their own.   Gad, can you tell I haven’t had lunch yet today?  And I do love a well made pizza!

With all restaurants that serve locally sourced food, compliment them on that when you order — otherwise how would they know you care?  Check out their website or Listen here!


Sundara Clark, Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato

Vegan Gelato you say?  I’m sure anyone who has had an allergy to dairy products is perking up right now…Sundara Clark is mixing up some delicious flavors in some very chic packaging down in SoHum.  I am salivating at the thought of her ice “cream” sandwiches – something you are sure to find at the weekly farmers markets in Garberville in the summertime.  So…you are wondering about flavors — how about: Naked Vanilla, Naked Chocolate, Midnight Mint…or The Chai and I?  and there are more!  Some flavors are seasonal, some include local ingredients, and Sundara is always playing in the kitchen trying to find other combinations to add to her greatest hits list.  Check out her website or Listen here

Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato

Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato

Cannibal Island Creamery, Lori Hansen

What a pleasant surprise I had this year at the Farmers Markets to see a new face, Lori Hansen’s.  Lori has been raising goats for milk for over a decade, but this year decided to diversify her operation and put in a new creamery on her Cannibal Island ranch.  She is making a lovely chevre which she has been selling plain as well as herb blends, and will soon start selling her feta cheese (I will be lining up for that for sure!)…

There are many theories about how Cannibal Island got it’s name — but rest assured that none of them involve consumption of human flesh…despite the popularity of all these zombie movies!  It is actually a lovely spot down by Cock Robin Island in Loleta.  How do I know where it is?  well I know a good deal when I hear one — and not only am I buying chevre but have been the shoveler of several loads of goat manure for my garden.  Win-win!

Not only is Lori selling her cheese directly to customers like us — but more and more restaurants are picking up her cheese and putting it on the menu.  Luke’s Joint in Arcata was the first on board — and others soon followed.  And now Lori has printed up some T-shirts with the lovely logo..

Check out their facebook page or Listen to the interview

Cannibal Island Creamery T-Shirt

Cannibal Island Creamery T-Shirt

Joyce Houston, Master Food Preserver

The 2017 Application for the Master Food Preserver program is here!


With all the great produce that is available every fall, we all have our favorite ways of preserving it so we can enjoy it all year around — and it really depends on the items.  As a Master Food Preserver with the University of California Cooperative Extension, Joyce Houston can be counted on to share the information on the safest and best tasting ways to do this.

The training to become a Master Food Preserver is pretty intensive — it meets early February to early March, Saturdays 9A-4P and Mondays 5:30-8:30.  For more information contact the University of California Cooperative Extension, 707-445-7351 or visit the website or the Master Food Preserver Facebook Page

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2

David Winnett, Winnett Vineyards in Willow Creek

Image owning a winery of your own — well, not just a winery but a vineyard too.  I’m thinking about that Kianu Reeves film Walk in the Clouds, makes you want to stomp grapes like Lucille Ball in that old I Love Lucy episode!  So they grow the grapes and make the wine — they also planted some olive trees and Henry Robertson has been curing the olives off the trees.  All of this in lovely Willow Creek California!

Well I interviewed David in a 10 minute session on the Food for Thought show — but soon realized I didn’t even scratch the surface of his knowledge and experience about wine and food…so don’t be surprised if we hear from him again in a future episode, or 2 or 3…

To check out their website

Listen Here

Dave Wilbur – You Pick Blueberries

Out in Fieldbrook there is a new place to pick blueberries — Dave Wilbur’s place.  Not only will you get beautiful large blueberries fit for your favorite jam or straight into the mouth (in fact there is a suggestion that Dave weigh people to charge for blueberries consumed while picking…but luckily he hasn’t started implementing that plan yet), if you are interested in growing blueberries — Dave Wilbur will share everything he knows about them with you.

After my interview with Dave — I went home, hiked into the woods with buckets, gathered some redwood duff, and applied it to my berry plants — I realized I wasn’t mulching near enough…

If you are interested in picking blueberries — the season varies with the weather.  For more information about when you can pick — contact him at (707) 834-6299.

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2

Daniel Bixler, Humboldt Hotsauce

Daniel Bixler and Cal Ferris are the owners of Humboldt Hotsauce!  I always enjoy trying new hot sauces, especially ones like theirs –good flavor and doesn’t try to just apply heat to see if you will squirm.  Winners of the 2014 Scovie Awards — these guys also host a list of recipes in case you are interested than doing more than shaking it on your buffalo wings.

Check out their website

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