Raising Sheep and Lambs, Leslie Silvey

Raising animals for food is a bit out of my bailiwick — and I’m always so impressed with women who have done the whole 9 yards — you know, birthing the babies, doing feedings when a mom isn’t quite up to it, and sending them off to market so we can have delicious, well-tended, local lamb on our dinner tables.  There is so much more to raising animals for food that I could ever cover in one or even two interviews, but to get a taste of what it is like for Leslie Silvey, part 1, part 2.


Requa Inn, Thomas Wortman

When I travel, I try really hard to eat food that is produced in that place.  I want my experience traveling to involve all of my senses including taste — and Thomas Wortman agrees.  As a member of the Yurok tribe and Chef at the Requa Inn, Thomas is working hard to give people a taste of the foods that people have eaten in this region since time essentially began for them.  Yurok people are river people, the salmon has been essential to survival — but there are also other food you might not be as familiar with.  Acorns, seaweed, greens, tubers — the real terroir of Requa, the place where the Klamath River met the ocean.  Enjoy the regional foods in the comfort and cozyness of the Requa Inn!  To hear Thomas talk about the passion of cooking, listen here.

Locally Delicious, Suzanne Simpson

Love those Heirloom Tomatoes…you know the ones I mean, those women and men of Humboldt County who are working together to improve the local food movement…formally known as Locally Delicious!  They have produced two cookbooks and have raised money to pay farmers to produce food for Food for People (our food bank).  If you would like to know how to contribute, listen here.

Potowat United Indian Health Services

I don’t really like to go to the doctor, I mean, who does?…but I have to say that United Indian Health Services Potowat is my idea of a dream health center.  Everything was so well thought out, the shape of the health center with a healing garden in the center, walking trails in a nature area so you can get your exercise in beautiful surroundings, the structure itself is based on local Indian design and the walls are made of concrete that were formed using old growth redwood timber — and you can go up and touch the sides and still not be sure that it isn’t made of the actual redwood.  It is perfect — and the things that pushes it over the edge to ultimate perfection for me is that there is a farm onsite.  Yes, I love a farm, I love to see things growing — I love to see farming and food production integrated into caring for health, what a brilliant concept!

To listen to the Head Farmers T Griffin and Ed Mata talk about Potowat, listen here.

Kevin Pinto, FV Jenna Lee

If you have lived in the Eureka area for any length of time you look forward to the sign that appears on 4th St.  Live Crab!  and the name of the FV (or Fishing Vessel) is the Jenna Lee.  Getting your own live crab off the docks puts you one step closer to hunting and gathering — closer to the person who risks their life going out there to get it for you — spend any time out at the Marina on Woodley Island you might have happened by the Fishermen Memorial…and close by that is a column listing the names of all those who have lost their lives at sea.

So one day I thought I’d pop on down to the Marina and give my new HD video camera a spin — and that’s when I met Carol Pinto aboard the Jenna Lee with their adorable sea-dog.  Carol kindly held up a wiggly crab for me to videotape — but let me know that Kevin was the person I needed to interview for the radio show.  I learned a lot of things about crab fishing that day — but perhaps the most important thing I know about cooking live crab is that you should use seawater…it makes for the tastiest meat!  If you are a bit squeamish about tossing a live animal into a pot of boiling water, you can always find your crab already cooked at many of our local markets — but when you are ready to give it a try I think you will find that it will be the best crab you have ever eaten.

Find out more about the Jenna Lee and Kevin Pinto, listen here.