Dave Wilbur – You Pick Blueberries

Out in Fieldbrook there is a new place to pick blueberries — Dave Wilbur’s place.  Not only will you get beautiful large blueberries fit for your favorite jam or straight into the mouth (in fact there is a suggestion that Dave weigh people to charge for blueberries consumed while picking…but luckily he hasn’t started implementing that plan yet), if you are interested in growing blueberries — Dave Wilbur will share everything he knows about them with you.

After my interview with Dave — I went home, hiked into the woods with buckets, gathered some redwood duff, and applied it to my berry plants — I realized I wasn’t mulching near enough…

If you are interested in picking blueberries — the season varies with the weather.  For more information about when you can pick — contact him at (707) 834-6299.

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2