Cultured Life Food – Kate Brown

Kate Brown is from the south — as you can immediately tell by her soft southern accent.  How does a gal from the south end up in Arcata making ghee, quinoa flour and gomasio?  Well, the highest quality ingredients are certainly here and readily available.

Let’s start with ghee — yep, clarified butter (buttahhhhhh) with the solids removed to make it super shelf stable and also changing the consistency for many recipes.  It all starts with Rumiano butter (yes, my favorite butter), and heated so that all those pesky solids float to the top and are removed.  Put into a lovely jar and it is ready to go…I’ve heard somewhere that ghee would last for thousands of years but I go through it too fast to test that one out.

Next quinoa flour — if you’ve been following the Food for Thought film project, you can learn a lot about local farmer Blake Richard who has been bringing us locally grown quinoa for several years now.  That is the quinoa for the quinoa flour.

Finally the gomasio — a combination of sesame seeds (not local) and salt — yep, this one is from Bryon Duty at Pacific Flake.

As they say — if you got it, flaunt it — and of course Humboldt County does.

Listen here for the story of the ghee

Listen here for the story about the quinoa flour and gomasio

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Louise’s Gourmet Seasoned Finishing Salts

I really like salt and recently have gotten into making my own herb infused salts at home.  I have the herbs on hand in my garden and let’s face it, I’m a food geek — so any opportunity to make something with some added zip at home, I’m completely on board.  But…for those of you who would like to buy a locally made finishing salt, Louise has been packaging some delicious blends in her home kitchen.  Check out Louise’s Facebook Site, and give the interview a listen!  

Pacific Flake, Bryon Duty

If you love salt (like I do) then you will read entire books about Salt — like the book written by Mark Kurlansky entitled Salt: A World History.  And then — you will also be completely intrigued when you hear there is a local businessman making a living extracting water from Humboldt Bay and turning into the most beautiful flakes of snow — ok, he’s making salt — but really it looks like beautiful snowy crystals when it settles out of the brine solution.  Where is he doing this?  Out in the new industrial park in Samoa — his neighbors are Taylors Seafood and they are raising up baby oysters — and supplying Bryon with water quality analysis so he can be assured that his salt is pure and fabulous.

Of course I had to go visit his plant — and then he kindly gave me some samples.  Now this is some beautiful stuff — and you might want to save it for a finishing salt — or to sprinkle on some lovely salted caramels (yes please!) but you just might be tempted to return and purchase the giant restaurant size container of salt like I did.  My husband says the salt is sweeter than kosher salt and he is probably right — he is one of those “super tasters” you hear about, they can’t tolerate hot foods (poor babies) but they have more taste buds and can distinguish more flavors than the rest of us.  I do enjoy it and you might too — keep an eye out for it at the North Coast Co-op; Eureka Natural Foods; and Wildberries.  Ultimately it will be available in other stores as well.

Listen here

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