Calvin Shultz, Rancher and Local Food Advocate

Calvin Shultz is a rancher from Ferndale — many know him as the Stove Man.  That’s how I met Calvin — he carried a gigantic wood stove into our house BY HIMSELF and set it up.  His family has lived in this area for several generation — and he is also part native american, so on that side of his family, forever.  When he talks he reminds me of Joel Salatin — he had truckloads of crab backs from Pacific Seafoods delivered to his farm to enrich his soil and to save it from being trucked down to San Leandro (over 300 miles!) to be disposed of.  Of course…when they started smelling up the neighborhood, he wasn’t very popular!  To listen to a 2-part interview with Calvin —Part 1, Part 2!