Jim Cotton, Food Growing and Foraging

One of my very first blog posts complete with photos showed “Jim and Kim’s garden” in Arcata — they have a small slice of heaven in the bottoms and the amount of produce they get out of it is astounding.

While I used to be the Garlic Queen among my friends, Kim usurped the throne many years ago, growing dozens of varieties of garlic.  Kim can hardly wait for the new garden supply catalogs to arrive and eagerly dives in to order varieties we’ve never heard of.  When my crop was completely wiped out by rust — she supplied me with seed garlic to start over — and vice-versa.  Since the early days of garlic rust, Kim has beat the rust by planting later (we used to plant on Indigenous People’s Day FKA Columbus Day) — but now we plant in late November or early December.  It works!

Both Kim and Jim are foragers too — gathering mushrooms, mussels, clams, crab, fishing for salmon — they both have a passion for locally produced food, and for knowing the land and what it has to offer.

Listen here for the interview with Jim Cotton

Kevin Pinto, FV Jenna Lee

If you have lived in the Eureka area for any length of time you look forward to the sign that appears on 4th St.  Live Crab!  and the name of the FV (or Fishing Vessel) is the Jenna Lee.  Getting your own live crab off the docks puts you one step closer to hunting and gathering — closer to the person who risks their life going out there to get it for you — spend any time out at the Marina on Woodley Island you might have happened by the Fishermen Memorial…and close by that is a column listing the names of all those who have lost their lives at sea.

So one day I thought I’d pop on down to the Marina and give my new HD video camera a spin — and that’s when I met Carol Pinto aboard the Jenna Lee with their adorable sea-dog.  Carol kindly held up a wiggly crab for me to videotape — but let me know that Kevin was the person I needed to interview for the radio show.  I learned a lot of things about crab fishing that day — but perhaps the most important thing I know about cooking live crab is that you should use seawater…it makes for the tastiest meat!  If you are a bit squeamish about tossing a live animal into a pot of boiling water, you can always find your crab already cooked at many of our local markets — but when you are ready to give it a try I think you will find that it will be the best crab you have ever eaten.

Find out more about the Jenna Lee and Kevin Pinto, listen here.

Tony Sepulveda, Green Water Fishing Adventures

Have you ever thought about how your local dungeness crab is caught?  Ever want to do it yourself?  There are a couple of sports fishing opportunities in Humboldt County to catch your own crab and salmon and Green Water Fishing Adventures is one of them.  You can check out their website or listen to their interview!

Pemberton Fishing – D. Ray Pemberton

D. Ray Pemberton is the guy you see down at the farmers market in Arcata on Saturday mornings with live crabs for sale.  While many people are intimidated by the idea of buying live crabs and taking them home to boil them up — others have found that the flavor of the meat is superb.  A friend of mine cooks her crabs up in seawater — and having tasted them I believe they are the sweetest crabs I’ve ever eaten.  If you would like to hook up with D.Ray to buy crabs for your favorite cioppino or crab boil, give him a call — (707) 499-7958 — you might even reach him while he is fishing on his boat — F.V. Shultzie Baby!

Listen here

Captain Zack’s Crab House, Susan Rotwein

Zack is the fisherman and he brings back some of his haul to Susan who runs Captain Zack’s Crab House.  Many people miss the restaurant that she used to run, but you can still buy fresh cooked crab straight from the docks to her pot.  Take a listen to our interview.