Ron Rudebock, HSU Housing and Dining Services

Institutions struggle with providing good, local food for their customers — and schools are no exception.  When I attended HSU I used many of my food points in the campus ice cream parlor — really, no kidding, it was a full on ice cream parlor with hot fudge, whipped cream and cherries!  I still have memories of going to a study-partner’s house for dinner and they had roasted chicken and potatoes — I must have looked like I was starving, the food had never tasted so good — mostly because I’d been starving myself of good food.  I’m not complaining here, it wasn’t entirely the institution’s fault for having that ice cream parlor — I was an adult — and I was making some bad choices about what to put into my body.

With pressure from many sides, institutions like the California State University system have had to look at things they can do to provide better food for the students.  In an interview with Ron Rudebock we talked about some of the challenges and benefits of working with local farmers and food producers.

Listen here for the interview with Ron