Alisha Stafford, North Coast Co-op

Alisha amidst some beautiful Co-op produce

Alisha Stafford, Assistant Merchandiser at the North Coast Co-op, talks about how she works with local farmers to get farm-fresh produce into the Eureka and Arcata Co-op.  To listen to the interview with Alisha, click here.  You can also go to the Northcoast Co-op website to find out what’s fresh and what’s local.

Heidi Hansen, No Knead Bread

Heidi Hansen is Saint Heidi as far as I’m concerned. 

About 2 years ago, Laina (my co-worker in a previous life) told me about a revolutionary way of making bread.  Everyone loved it, it came out perfect every time.  Now…I make good bread…and have occasionally made great bread — the kind you gobble down as soon as it arrives steamy from the oven with loads of butter…mmmm — (I’m salivating just thinking about it — but, back to the story).  Even though I was pretty sure about my bread skills but thought…what the heck, I can always learn something new.  Laina says that her friend Heidi makes the bread, it’s so easy to make — and involves a dutch oven.  I’m intrigued… and a 12-24 hour first rise and absolutely no kneading.  What?! — Ok — I’m in.

To listen to an interview with St. Heidi, click here — then, go buy a 5 qt cast iron dutch oven if you don’t already have one and start baking!  Seriously beautiful delicious bread (use Shakefork Farm rye and barley flour for 2-3 cups of total flour) that is great warm and as sandwich bread for the rest of the week (really!)

Ron and Shelley Honig, Honey Apple Farms

Ron and Shelley Honig own a beautiful little farm on West End Road on the way between Arcata and Blue Lake — so warm and sunny they can grow some of the crops that make us “coasties” swoon with envy.  To listen to part 1 of a  2-part interview with Ron and Shelley, click here.  For Part 2 click here.

Simona Carini

Montasio in Simona's right hand and cabra al vino (lovely purple cheese) and caerphilly on the cheese mat.

Simona Carini is what I would call an Extreme Cook.  Her recent experiments have led to cheese-making and she has traveled to the east coast to take an advance class.  She is a free-lance writer and has written articles for the food section of the North Coast Journal and Edible East Bay.  Her blog Briciole began as a effort to help people who struggle with pronunciation with Italian words (mostly food related) but has blossomed to include instructions and photos of her latest food adventures.  To listen to the interview with Simona, click here.

Montasio cheese! mmmmmm.....

Ed Cohen, Earthly Edibles CSA

Ed Cohen from Earthly Edibles talks about dry-farming veggies in lovely and sunny Korbel.  One new feature of this CSA is that they are offering Canning Classes!

To listen to the interview, click here.