Dutch and Dewey Distillery, Jeff St. John

It seem that every time I turn around someone is telling me about a new distillery in Humboldt County — I will never run out of interview subjects, that is for certain!  If you are like me — you thought maybe this distillery was owned by someone name Dutch and someone else named Dewey — well, we would both be wrong.  It is owned by Jeff St. John (Dutch and Dewey were draft horses and are featured on the product labels…) — a very innovative business person who fits so well that he could have been born in Humboldt.  Listen to Part 1 of our interview here…and Part 2 here!

Dutch and Dewey website


Alchemy Distillery, Amy and Steve Bohner

So what do you do when you already have the BIG JOB? — huge private and public construction projects that require full time management?  Why start a completely new business, that’s what!

Amy andflood map caltrans0005 Steve Bohner are the owners of Alchemy Distillery (oh, and also Alchemy Construction — which specialized in green building designs).  Using local grains that they have purchased from Rhonda Wiedenbeck of Beck’s Bakery (grown in the lovely fertile growing region of Honeydew, CA), they are making Boldt Whiskey.  Alchemy Distiller Alchemy bottles and boxes Alchemy Barrels Alchemy AmyIf you want to know about the head, heart and tails of the distillery process…learn about the whiskey trail…experience the majesty of the gigantic U.S. made distiller — Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview.