Tammy Erickson, Bien Padre

Mmmmmmm, crickets anyone?  One of the most surprising pieces of information that came from Tammy Erickson from Bien Padre is that our favorite local tortilla chip company also makes specialty chips…like cricket chips called Chirp Chips for a company down in the Bay Area.  My first introduction to “cricket meal” was in an article in a culinary magazine that talked about the great high protein content in cricket meal and how it was a food of the future, readily available quality insect cooked to a crackily crunch and then powdered so we don’t see any pesky antennae, legs or thorax…which is ok with me.

While my brain thinks it is a fine idea to eat up those crunchy critters, my stomach just doesn’t cooperate as well when facing the recognizable deep fried treat — so yes, please, turn my into meal first — and a chip?!  I’m all for it.  Whenever I watch those nature shows about locusts, I’m wondering why we haven’t invented a machine that would suck them up and  turn them into something edible…well…this might be it.

Of course in addition to these unique eats — there are still the same standby tortillas and chips that I have enjoyed since I was a lowly college student living on chips and salsa.  Just thinking about it makes me want to open the bag in my cupboard and get the salsa out of the fridge…how about you?!

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