Lee Ann Moore and Don Duclo, Oceanside Jams

If you have ever wanted to truly experience the terroir of Humboldt County — the flavors that have been enjoyed since the beginning of time by the Wiyot, Hupa, Yurok, Karuk, and others, many of those flavors have been put into a jar by local maven of all things local and canned, Lee Ann Moore.  I’m not just talking about the ubiquitous Himalaya blackberry, the upclass huckleberry (both the common black and the caviar of the jam world — red huckleberry), but I’m talking about the truly obscure and delicious.  I’m talking thimbleberries, a fragile berry that produces a handful at a time throughout the season so you have to return again and again to pick, I’m talking about salal which many people have only seem in flower arrangements, and more.

Lee Ann’s father Don joins her on berry picking excursions in which they pick gallons of berries, but also dozens of the ever present and annoying ticks…reason enough to just let Lee Ann and her father do the picking and canning for us!  (I squirm in my chair as I write this)…

Don’t bother asking where the berry picking patches are — they are well-kept secrets despite my many attempts to trip them up and get a bead on the locations.  Lee Ann just laughs each time I try!

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