Humboldt Honeywine, Paul Leslie

If you are like me…you’ve tried mead — and generally found it to be very sweet and cloying — and next time someone offered you a taste of mead…well, you passed.

I am so glad I didn’t pass when I went to the Saturday Arcata Farmers Market and tucked away in a tent that sort of reminded me of the middle east somehow — I saw Paul Leslie was offering tastes of Humboldt Honeywine.  (If you are a long-time Humboldt resident — you also enjoy the play on the words Humboldt Honey).  I tasted it and  experienced a complex myriad of flavors that completely took my taste buds by surprise.  It wasn’t dry — but it certainly wasn’t the sweet honey flavor that I expected (was very happy about that)…I really really liked it!

So give it a try and keep an open mind — even if you haven’t liked honeywine or mead in the past — Humboldt Honeywine might just be your next big find —

Listen Here and check out  Humboldt Honey Wine Facebook Page


Elissa Verdillo, Cacao Cocoon

CacaoCocoonWhat would it be like to mix luscious chocolate and honey together into a bar that is more satisfying that anything that ever came in one of those brown wrappers?  Cacao Cocoon is making it happen!  Elissa Verdillo here with Zach and Sol came down to KHSU to talk about the journey to make some of the best chocolate you will ever taste. Listen Here and say the name over and over again…it will make you happy — and…

Check out their Cacao Cocoon Website!

Garrett Brinton, Beekeeper

Garrett Brinton manages 40 honeybee colonies located in Bayside, Jacoby Creek, Trinidad, Westhaven, Hoopa and Redway, producing local honey without the use of antibiotics or chemical mite treatments.  To listen click here— if you would like to take his beekeeping course, contact HSU Extended Education for information (707) 826-3731: