Shamira Heinz, Heartfire Bakery

Update — it looks like Heartfire Bakery is closed…

Shamira Heinz is a baker, but she hasn’t chosen a easy subject — she is a gluten-free baker!  My one experience making a gluten free pizza was to create something that was closer in texture to playdough, and honestly, from my childhood recollections it might have tasted like that too!

So I am very fascinated by people who have blended the art of bread products with the relatively new science of getting them to behave like their gluten-filled cousins.  Sure, tortillas have been around for a very long time and have always been gluten free, I’m talking about quickbreads and muffins and loaves of crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside breads.  Shamira is one of our local entrepreneurs who has found the sweet spot.  Listen here to the interview.

Heartfire Bakery is located in Arcata!

Rosa Dixon and Milia Lando, Natural Decadence

Gluten Free — it’s a term you hear often, many of your friends are giving the gluten free diet a go to see if it will help with any number of health problems, and why not when you have the luscious treats that Rosa and Milia are cooking up for you at Natural Decadence.  They brought Jess and I some “buttery tasting” (but no butter, they are vegan AND gluten free) shortbread cookies with lavender, yum!  They also brought their story of how they got started baking up gluten free treats and how they got picked up by Whole Foods.  Local ladies are making it big, and it all started here in Humboldt.

Natural Decadence

Listen Here

Reah Roberts, Arise Bakery

Reah Roberts, owner of Arise Bakery, makes gluten-free baked goods and is working to establish a CSB…that would be a Community Supported Bakery.  Members join and every week receive an assortment of the various items she is making. Reah also sells her tasty gluten-free items at the Saturday Farmers Market in Arcata.

To listen to an interview with Reah, click here.