Trinity Raw, Amy and Tanner Martinisko

There I was, zooming into the NorthCoast Co-op on a mission — you know how it is, you just want to get in and get out as fast as possible.  But there…out of the corner of my eye…I spy Tanner Martinisko and he is sampling something that I realize has the word chocolate in it…so I veered off course!

Tanner help out a jar with some light brown orbs in it — they were oval-ish, and reminded me of chocolate coated almonds.  I took one, popped it into my mouth expecting to bite into a crunchy almond and my teeth sunk into the soft rich chocolate.  Seriously, as I am typing this I am salivating with the memory of it.

With all of the talk of “good food” and “bad food” — of course I’ve developed a theory — haven’t we all?  I think that the food that we eat should be the very best we can afford — and if you are going to poke some food in your  face, it should really matter and satisfy you.  For some reason I could eat a lot of really crappy chocolate — but when I eat good chocolate I am satisfied by eating just a little — and this is the case with Trinity Raw truffles.  Popping one small truffle in when the afternoon requires a little somethin’ somethin’ — it really hits the spot.

Listen to the interview!

Bottom of the jar of Trinity Raw truffles...

Bottom of the jar of Trinity Raw truffles…

Elissa Verdillo, Cacao Cocoon

CacaoCocoonWhat would it be like to mix luscious chocolate and honey together into a bar that is more satisfying that anything that ever came in one of those brown wrappers?  Cacao Cocoon is making it happen!  Elissa Verdillo here with Zach and Sol came down to KHSU to talk about the journey to make some of the best chocolate you will ever taste. Listen Here and say the name over and over again…it will make you happy — and…

Check out their Cacao Cocoon Website!

Adam Dick, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

IMG_1433 IMG_1445 IMG_1447 IMG_1448 IMG_1454 IMG_1462 IMG_1465 Mmmmm…I love chocolate — I mean really good chocolate.  Sure, in a pinch, I will make a S’more with Hershey’s, and yes, I have toured the plant in Hershey PA (every summer that I stayed with grandparents nearby — they actually gave out samples…back in the day…).  Lately I have developed a love of the darker chocolate, you know the ones…72%…but really, I’d never experienced “bean to bar” until I had a Dick Taylor Madagascar Sambirano.  This dark chocolate isn’t for the faint of heart, it is a chocolate that only takes a single square to be super satisfying.  Alas, I wax on about my experience…and really what you need to do is break down and buy your own.  The cost will be more than a bar of Hershey’s…but a single square melting on the tongue is all you will need to satisfy…and that’s more than I can say for the “other bar.”

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Part 1 Listen Here

Part 2 Listen Here

Drakes Glen Creations Chocolate

A trip to Drakes Glen at the Arcata Food Works Suite 115 revealed a world of molten chocolate and the delicious chocolate smell wafted from the door as we entered.  Sandy Nakashima greeted us and when we commented on the smell she revealed the sad truth…she can seldom smell chocolate anymore.  Check out their website:  Our interview with Sandy —
chocolate1 (2)

72% Dark chocolate Bars

Sandy and Jennifer -- Jennifer eating chocolate

Did you grow up watching "I Love Lucy" and want to work in a candy factory? This may be as close as I get...heaven for a day!

Sandy stirs chocolate

Molten in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...only I guess it doesn't travel in rivers through the factory...darn!