Rachael Patton, Food is Love, Love is Food

I have seen some beautiful food in my day — delicious for the eyes as well as for the mouth and stomach — but nothing compares to the beauty of the food created by Rachael Patton.  Never have I seen flowers used to this extent in wraps and platters, creating mandalas of deliciousness.  Rachael focuses on highlighting local produce in her gluten and animal free feasts, you can find her at the Farmers’ Market in Arcata (which is where I tracked her down).  If you’d like to track her down to have her cater a party or just to buy a delicious empanada at the market — you can find her website here or listen to our interview.


Copy of Party Platters

Ann Anderson, Locally Delicious 2018 Local Food Guide

Since 2009 I have been adding to this blog — updating all of the interviews that have been done which are totaling over 250 now — and while doing that I have been sure to put in links to the websites and facebook accounts of everyone we have interviewed.  This archive has given people a way to easily look up local resources for locally produced food — however the thought of creating a written publication for people to access is extremely daunting to say the least.

Which is why I am so happy that Locally Delicious has produced a local food guide for the past 2 years.  In this guide you can find farmers’ markets, CSAs, Farm Stands, U-Picks, Community Gardens, Restaurants, Grocery Stores  and Caterers serving local food, Packaged Foods and Food Related Events.  Whew!

Listen to an interview with Heirloom Tomato Ann Anderson.

Copies of the guide are available throughout Humboldt and Del Norte counties — and you can check out their website at locally-delicious.org