Rabia O’Loren, Honeycakes

My first taste of Rabia O’Loren’s honeycake was pure magic.  First, it was a small (but giant)) slice that was given to me by my good friend Henry Robertson.  Of course everything tastes better when shared.  It was beautifully constructed and super dense with honey flavor, a tiny sliver was enough to satisfy, but no worries — we eventually ate all of it.

So, while she had me at the texture and flavor of the cake, I was further intrigued by the idea that she bakes these cakes to raise funds to educate girls in Pakistan.  When visiting Pakistan she wondered what she could do to help.  The people at the educational center said $200 a month would really help a lot.  Rabia thought to herself, I could do that!  And so it began.

Rabia came by the studio to talk about the project and how she makes the honeycakes, you can listen here.