Fieldbrook Valley Apple Farms, Betty Lovie

Betty Lovie talks about how she and Dick Lovie got started raising apples in Fieldbrook at their farm, to listen click here.

To learn more about what is going on at Fieldbrook Valley Apple Farms, click here.

Humboldt Hotdogs, John Quaccia

Who knew hotdogs would be so very interesting, in fact friends of mine said they heard the interview and almost changed the channel until they became engrossed in the story of John Quaccia, former social worker, now owner of Humboldt Hotdogs.  To listen to that interview, click here.


Lindsey Byers, September is Local Food Month

September is Local Food Month and Humboldt County’s Chapter of Community Alliance with Family Farmers plans many events that coordinate with other opportunities like the North Coast Co-op’s Eat Local Challenge.  To hear Lindsey Byers talk about the activities planned for September 2011 click here.

Jared Zystro, Organic Seed Alliance

Jared Zystro is the California Research and Education Specialist for Organic Seed Alliance.  Jared has a master’s degree in plant breeding and plant genetics from the University of Wisconsin and has worked in the organic seed industry for over 6 years, managing seed production at two farms and conducting research and education projects with Organic Seed Alliance.

Organic Seed Alliance  supports the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed. We accomplish our goals through collaborative education, advisory services, and research programs with organic farmers and other seed professionals.

The first interview discusses the Seed Field Day happening in Garberville on September 4, 2011, to listen click here.

The second interview discusses Organic Seed Alliance and the importance of understanding the role seeds play in our food future, listen here.