Debbie Perticara, Natural Resources Services RCAA

Do you want to garden — raise some of your own food, enjoy the outdoors, meet other gardeners to share tips, seeds and plants?  Don’t you wish someone would help organize that?  Especially if you don’t have a garden space of your own!  Well, that’s exactly what Debbie Perticara from RCAA (Redwood Community Action Agency) does!  She keeps track of where there are community garden spaces and schools that have gardens and need volunteers — among other things.  Listen here and  check out their RCAA Community Garden Website

Meagen Baldy, Eating Healthy in Indian Country

Grady Walker, from Green Fire Farms, emailed me a couple of months ago, and said there was someone I really should interview, Meagen Baldy.  Well, of course Grady was right!

Meagen is the Community Garden Coordinator in Hoopa, hosts a You Tube show called Eating Healthy in Indian Country, is a UC Master Food Preserver…and oh yes…she has 4 children!  And they are amazing!  Recently I was helping to cook for the Master Food Preserver graduation program and Meagen comes in with a heaping bag of fry bread and starts whipping up some salmon spread from salmon she has smoked and canned herself — and in come her 4 children — “can I help?!” they plead…I wish I had such help in the kitchen at home.  They launched into making pizzas for the party — enthusiastic as I taught them how to stretch the dough and put the toppings on.  And this — in a nutshell — is Meagen…teaching children to know about their food and to cook is part of her mission, where the rubber hits the road, walking the talk — and you can tell Meagen does it all with grace and style — you can check out her YouTube videos and see for yourself!

Listen to the interview here

Hydesville Garden Club, Quin Weber and Krista Viggers

Happy harvest!

I met Quin Weber while taking a Sustainable Organic Agriculture class at College of the Redwoods — when we were introducing ourselves to the class Quin said she had read Michael Pollan’s book Omnivore’s Dilemma and felt like she wanted to learn about the local food system.  In talking during our breaks I learned about this project that she and Krista were involved in at Hydesville school — seriously, Quin knew where the rubber hit the road, you can see the results in the smiling faces of the children.  To listen to the interview with Quin and Krista, click here.

Hydesville Garden Club

Preparing the asparagus bed

Garden in July in full force

Adding Llama Manure, great source of nitrogen -- who knew?!


Proud Onion Grower!Gardening is hard work

Vanessa Vasquez, Mapping Edible Foods in Public Spaces

Vanessa Vasquez is a student at Humboldt State University pursuing a masters degree in Social Studies in  Environment and Community — her project?  Mapping edible foods that are available to the community in public spaces using GIS technology.  To hear more about her project, listen here.

Community Gardens

Helen discusses the work that is being done through First 5 Humboldt to assist with development and support of community gardens in Humboldt County.

To listen to the interview with Helen click here

Helen L’Annunziata
Better Together-Community Coordinator
First 5 Humboldt

The Redwood Community Action Agency’s RAVEN and Demonstration garden blossoms with additional native plants and herbs. The produce grown in the garden, including artichokes, lettuce, strawberries, broccoli and cauliflower, and helps feed members of our community who are houseless.