Six Rivers Brewery, Meredith Ripley and “Los” Sanchez

Meredith and Carlos “Los” Sanchez are passionate about beer — in fact Meredith invited Jessie and myself down so she could show us pairings of beer and food…normally I pair beer with a hot day and I’m good.  Obviously I have a lot to learn!  Listen to the interview or check out their website

FV Shenandoah, Carrie and Clay Collins

I first met Carrie at the Master Food Preserver Training, class of 2014.  When talking about pressure canning it was clear we had a pro in our midst — with a husband who was a fisherman, the average catch of albacore might involve hundreds of pints of the delicious and highly prized protein that is the most pressure canned item in Humboldt (no stats here…just anecdotal).  Carrie’s tuna was not only properly and safely canned, it actually looked pretty in a jar.  Ever see a jar of home canned albacore?  Good thing we know it’s good to eat because it normally isn’t such a lovely item on the shelf (sorry Charlie!)…

Check out the interview with Carrie and Clay and find out how some of the best food in the world gets to our table!  Or go check out the Shenandoah yourself.

Arcata Scoop, Nicole and Garrett Nada

Icecream, we’re gonna have Icecream!  If you are over 50, you probably remember the old Bill Cosby routine that made me realize I’m not alone — ice cream is one of my favorite things.  I remember my first introduction to Mocha chip — and how I found that I also loved Mint Chip (you see the pattern here)…but then!  I found that there was icecream that wasn’t made by the huge military industrial complex!  That it could be handmade in small batches and that it was crafted, each batch was it’s own unique deliciousness — made with the best ingredients, many of which were locally sourced.  Locally sourced — what do I mean by that?  Well, in a recent trip to Dave Wilbur’s You-Pick Blueberry Stand, who should I see but Garrett Nada scooping up all the very best blueberries — a giant bowl that was going to meld with delicious cream and become blueberry icecream the very next day.  Welcome to my world — check out Arcata Scoop and the interview with Garrett and Nicole…then go get ice cream!

Jessica Callahan, Good Eating Habits for Children

I met Jessica Callahan recently in the Master Food Preserver Program — she graduated in 2014.  She is passionate about food and interested in helping parents to instill healthy food relationships in their children.  To listen to our interview, click here

David Martinek, Apple Growing in Eureka

I met David Martinek since he is a new Master Food Preserver in Humboldt County — graduated in the class of 2014!  When we started talking about preserving certain foods it became clear that David had access to apples, lots of apples — including those lovely red fleshed varieties that were bred by Albert Etters for whom Ettersburg is named.  David makes apple sauce, apple syrup, apple butter, apple cider (both sweet and hard) and freezes gallons of juice every year.  He does this all on a relatively small plot of land in Myrtletown in Eureka.  If you want to find out more about David Martinek and his apple growing passion, check out this interview.

Tony Sepulveda, Green Water Fishing Adventures

Have you ever thought about how your local dungeness crab is caught?  Ever want to do it yourself?  There are a couple of sports fishing opportunities in Humboldt County to catch your own crab and salmon and Green Water Fishing Adventures is one of them.  You can check out their website or listen to their interview!

Terry Kramer, Humboldt Botanical Garden Foundation

If you haven’t been to the Humboldt Botanical Garden lately, get yourself on up there!  Not only is it a stunning space with wonderful gardens sponsored by various local businesses, with a towering greenhouse that I would love to move into…but it is also a place that has commandeered some of the best volunteer folk in Humboldt County.  Everyone wants to work in a lovely garden with fabulous people like Terry Kramer — whose name you may recognize from her weekly column that she has been writing almost forever.

To listen to Terry talk about how to plant a little produce in a small container —click here!