Humboldt Regeneration, Jacob Pressey

Years ago I interviewed Jacob Pressey about Humboldt Regeneration — he was just getting started with the project — a CSB — Community Supported Brewery.  Now he is receiving recognition as being the first California grown beer — and he grows much of the raw materials on his farm.  I know what you are thinking — grain is typically seen in super gigantic swaths of the great plains — farm equipment is programmed with GPS and each pass of a combine can be a quarter of a mile long — how the heck do you grow it in Humboldt.

Well — oddly enough — Humboldt used to be known for grain growing — winning many State fair contests with the varieties grown right here.  Talking with some old-timers in Hoopa, they talked about how the hills were once covered with wheat — which shocked the heck out of me!  So really — by growing wheat we are just coming home to something we do well here anyway.

Listen to the interview with Jacob Pressey

In the meantime check out his website!

Six Rivers Brewery, Meredith Ripley and “Los” Sanchez

Meredith and Carlos “Los” Sanchez are passionate about beer — in fact Meredith invited Jessie and myself down so she could show us pairings of beer and food…normally I pair beer with a hot day and I’m good.  Obviously I have a lot to learn!  Listen to the interview or check out their website

Boujie Bakery, Cassie Forrington

I kept running into people who were talking about Boujie Bakery and Cassie Forrington — Beer Kissed Treats?  I had to know! — and then the kicker, when I went to Living the Dream Icecream in Old Town and had Beer Brittle in my ice cream.  You know I like brittle, but here’s the thing — so many foods these days have so much sweetener added that they no longer have any flavor.  So…making brittle with beer was right up my alley — and could be up your alley too.  And if you are lactose intolerant, no worries, you can just buy the brittle and eat it directly out of the bag!  Fancy Schmancy Goodness indeed!

News from Boujie Bakery — Cassie’s fabulous beer kissed caramel sauces have just been picked up by Whole Foods!  Cassie is having a kickstarter campaign (deadline March 18th!) to gear up for the heavy production requirements — to help Cassie, click here!

To listen to her share her experiences having some of her products accepted by Whole Foods, and working with kickstarter to raise money for this next phase of operation, click here

Check out Boujie Bakery

Listen to the interview here

Dave Franklin, Redwood Curtain Brewing

Our interview with Dave Franklin was scheduled for 10 a.m. –the problem?  I knew he was bringing beer for us to taste.  I stopped by Ramones and bought a couple of scones, one I wolfed down on the way to the station — the other I threw at Jessica Eden the moment I got through the door.  “Quick, eat this” I said –“we are going to be drinking beer in exactly 15 minutes” — and I’m really not much of a drinker, so I knew that breakfast really shouldn’t start with an alcoholic beverage.  Luckily Dave brought a thoughtful taste of beer for us, enough to really sample the product — but not enough to compromise the other interviews scheduled for that morning (at least I think it didn’t…but perhaps my perceptions were distorted…by beer…).

Check out the Redwood Curtain Brewing site here

Listen here

Barbara Groom, Lost Coast Brewery

Barbara Groom was such a treat to interview — while there are very few females in the brewery business, Barbara is rocking it here in Humboldt County.  While historically women have been the beer makers and brew masters within their own homes and villages, the micro brew industry is predominantly run by men.  Interestingly enough, women have more taste buds than men, making more women “super tasters” making them more sensitive to nuance of flavors that appear in beer.  Male brew masters push up the hoppy flavors of their IPA — and hello!  that’s why I have always thought I didn’t like beer.  Now, with a little education — and more choices in the beer arena — I have found several beers that are very delicious.  So, on a hot day — you might find me with a beer in hand — and it might just be a Lost Coast Brewery beer.  To listen to the interview.  To check out their website.

Jacob Pressey, Humboldt Regeneration

Jacob Pressey is starting a new business in Humboldt called Humboldt Regeneration — it will be a CSB, a Community Supported Brewery.  So, you get the picture, you get a growler — and bring it in to refill it every week with a new blend of beer (blend?…as you can see, beer isn’t my beverage…yet…) You buy in one month at a time — sound like something you’d like to do?  Check it out…

Interview with Jacob Pressey

Jamie Ashdon, Humboldt Beer Works

Is everyone brewing beer but me?  Seems like it — after interviewing Jamie Ashdon I have heard from several people in varying stages of brewing…meanwhile I was all impressed with myself because I had cured and smoked my own bacon and ham hocks.  Obviously I need to up the bar!

Part 1 of Jamie Ashdon’s Interview

Part 2 of Jamie Ashdon’s Interview

Humboldt Beer Works was established in 2011.  Owners Jamie Ashdon and Josh Reed first met and began talking about starting their own homebrew supply store in 2010 during homebrew club meetings.  It quickly became clear that they both shared similar visions in a homebrew store.  Several meetings, conversations and beers later, they eventually formalized their partnership and got to work.

Their initial phase of HBW is the homebrew supply shop.  Future phases will include a specialty bottle shop and tap room.  They want to be your one stop shop for all things beer!  Pick up your brewing ingredients, some inspiration to take home, and have a draft in the tap room or while you shop.  It will be your modern day hardware store hangout!

Currently, their operations are located at 511 6th Street, Eureka, California.

Eel River Brewing Company

Eel River Brewery Beers Year-round

Malt Silo

To listen to an interview with Matt Vivatson click here— you can also check out the website

Spent Grains from brewing process...soon to be animal feed!