Nicole Nada, Shifting Gears Nutrition

I met Nicole Nada several years ago when she became a Master Food Preserver with the University of California Cooperative Extension — and of course everyone knows Nicole and Garrett from Arcata Scoop icecream shop– but more people are getting to know Nicole as a nutrition guide.

Several years ago Nicole was diagnosed with cancer — and she did what many strong woman  do — she looked for ways that she could take more control in a situation where doctors, surgeries, treatment and medications seem to rule.  She researched and learned about the impact of nutrition, exercise and stress — and meanwhile received the conventional western medical treatment.

It’s what she did next that is even more amazing — she is using the information she gleaned through research and applying herself to nutrition coursework to help other people who are facing health concerns.  She counsels people to help them recognize the things that cause unbearable stress — and to find ways of incorporating nutrition that don’t add to that stress.

The Shifting Gears Website is here — where you can learn more about Nicole’s story.  And listen to the interview, I think you’ll get a real sense of Nicole’s mission and style “KEEPING IT JOYFUL & SIMPLE”