Johnny Gary and Heather Plaza, Organic Matters Ranch

I love a farmstand, a place where the farm and the people come together.  Growing up my family always stopped at farmstands, usually they sold corn and we would buy enough to absolutely gorge on it — we would just eat corn for dinner and I thought I was a real rogue getting away with not eating from all the food groups for that one evening meal.

Organic Matters not only has a farmstand, but they accept EBT cards — so people receiving CalFresh benefits have the option of eating great fresh local produce and meat.  They can use their benefits to join the CSA — and receive a box of produce each week — or just use their benefits to shop on a weekly basis.  Being flexible like that isn’t always easier — but Johnny and Heather are dedicated to making it work for their customers.

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Kathy Mullen, Kneeland Glen Farm Stand in Freshwater

Kathy Mullen has started a farm stand (Kneeland Glen Farm Stand) in freshwater that is a cooperative.  Members take turns working the stand, and sell their produce, handmade items (like Kathy’s handmade goat’s milk soap – Kneeland Glen Handmade Soaps) and cottage-made food items.  She is still working on bringing in new partners, but so far the farm stand is already a success.  The farm stand is located close to 3-corners store, you should at least stop by and say hi to Kathy — and perhaps her daughter Jenny will be working there as well, I’m sure you will find something delectable that you just can’t pass up.

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