Cottage Food Bill AB1616, Melissa Martel

Everyone wants to know about the Cottage Food Bill!  I first found out about it from my friend Simona Carini back in February 2012 — well, turns out it will be going into effect in January 2013.  The condensed version is that many items that are relatively food safe (pH of 4.6 and lower), can be produced in a home kitchen.  There are a lot of things you have to do before you start whipping up that batch of strawberry huckleberry jam though… While there is a lot of information about the bill online, you can listen to an interview with Melissa Martel from the Humboldt County Environmental Health Division by clicking here.  for more information about what the bill entails, click here.

Glee Brandon, Glee the Baker

I had been hearing about Glee for years — so I finally introduced myself at the Farmers Market in Arcata.  Glee is in touch with the farmers who are growing local grains, she mills the grain herself — and makes lots of delicious items using local grains and local produce.  To listen to an interview with Glee, click here.

Chicken Harvest, Rhonda Wiedenbeck

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A couple of my friends are part of, what I call, a Chicken Cooperative.  They call themselves the Blue Lake Farm Wives and Mens’ Auxilliary.  Lin recently asked (ok, after I repeatedly begged) if I would like to come to one of their harvest days.  Later I asked Rhonda if she would come in to the station so I could interview her about the arrangement, to listen click here.

Seaweed Foraging, Rhonda Wiedenbeck

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Rhonda Wiedenbeck is an avid forager and one of the things she likes to forage for is seaweed — I was lucky enough to be invited to a foray with Rhonda and our friend Simona Carini.  It was a typical summer morning…yep, overcast and chilly on the coast.  Our clothing was an array of mismatched but appropriate tidepool attire…if someone was photographing us for a fashion mag we would be the ones with the eyes blacked out to preserve our anonymity…  We happily came away with some fine bags of Kombu, Nori, and Rockweed (which I have to say…tastes like the ocean smells at low tide…I’ll skip that one next time…)  — but have used the other two in pots of soup and beans and find it tasty and not at all fishy tasting.
Click here to listen to the interview with Rhonda Wiedenbeck about foraging for seaweed.

Beck’s Bakery, Rhonda Wiedenbeck

FullSizeRender(4) FullSizeRender(5)I am so happy to be able to offer this interview with Rhonda Wiedenbeck.  Rhonda is a friend — I’ve been following her journey to opening this bakery for quite a while.  She has worked so hard to develop great recipes using local grain, she even has a mill in her bakery where she grinds Humboldt Grain.  Yes Humboldt Grain — I capitalized it on purpose!…so exciting —
To listen to the interview with Rhonda about her bakery, click here.

To go to her website, click here.

Robert Goodman Winery

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing both Arin McBlaine, Head Chef of the new Robert Goodman Winery restaurant, and Robert Goodman, owner.  It will be interesting to follow the restaurant’s progress as they continue to work to incorporate local food into the menu.  They are on the lookout for some locally raised pork, so if you are raising them — you might want to give Arin a call.

Listen to the interview with Arin, click here.

Listen to the interview with Robert Goodman, click here.
Robert Goodman Winery

They also have a Facebook page.