Ann Anderson, Locally Delicious 2018 Local Food Guide

Since 2009 I have been adding to this blog — updating all of the interviews that have been done which are totaling over 250 now — and while doing that I have been sure to put in links to the websites and facebook accounts of everyone we have interviewed.  This archive has given people a way to easily look up local resources for locally produced food — however the thought of creating a written publication for people to access is extremely daunting to say the least.

Which is why I am so happy that Locally Delicious has produced a local food guide for the past 2 years.  In this guide you can find farmers’ markets, CSAs, Farm Stands, U-Picks, Community Gardens, Restaurants, Grocery Stores  and Caterers serving local food, Packaged Foods and Food Related Events.  Whew!

Listen to an interview with Heirloom Tomato Ann Anderson.

Copies of the guide are available throughout Humboldt and Del Norte counties — and you can check out their website at


Locally Delicious, Suzanne Simpson

Love those Heirloom Tomatoes…you know the ones I mean, those women and men of Humboldt County who are working together to improve the local food movement…formally known as Locally Delicious!  They have produced two cookbooks and have raised money to pay farmers to produce food for Food for People (our food bank).  If you would like to know how to contribute, listen here.

Lunchbox Envy

I have a terrible confession to make — I threw away a lot of lunches when I was a kid!  or maybe not all of the lunch, but lots of good food went into the trash.  Why does it happen?

The Heirloom Tomatoes (you remember them from the Locally Delicious Cookbook, their work to fund local farmers to provide produce to Food for People, as well as tireless efforts to get more people to eat more locally produced food), have been working on a solution.  Their new cookbook Lunchbox Envy provides the solution to the age-old question — what to put into a sack that a child will eat.  Things that are easy to prepare for parents who are struggling with full-time jobs and hectic lives.  Ways to involve children in the decision of What’s for Lunch?!  Ways to involve children into Where Does Food Come From?!

Listen to the interview with Heirloom Tomato Suzanne Simpson, and check out the Locally Delicious Website — which is chock full of resources and information.

Locally Delicious Fund

Locally Delicious — you know them, the Heirloom Tomato Ladies, authors of the Locally Delicious Cookbook?  Well they have created a fund that a has a very interesting purpose.  The fund allocates money to Food for People to contract with local farmers to provide some of the crops that they would like to distribute.  One of the cookbook authors, Ann Anderson, and one of the farmers, Johnny Gary from Organic Matters, came down to the station to talk about how it works and how people can contribute to the fund — to listen to the interview, click here.

Suzanne Simpson – Locally Delicious

cover of book Locally Delicious

Back cover of book Locally Delicious

Suzanne Simpson — Suzanne Simpson is one of the authors in a new  
cookbook that features locally produced foods and recipes as well as  
a historical perspective of food production in Humboldt County —  
Locally Delicious is the title of the book.

The book is out and available for purchase: