Margo Robbins, Footsteps Unlimited

I first met Margo at the Potowat holiday crafts sale (if you haven’t been to this event — it is a Must Do for this year) — in the midst of handcrafted jewelry, paintings and other artwork for sale — I tracked down the food items.  Yep — you know it, I’m all about the food.  So after popping in to say hello to Lee Ann Duclo from Oceanside Jams, I weaved through the aisles, bought a set of 3 T-shirts (Got Salmon?; Got Seaweed?; Got Acorns?) and then saw Margo.  She was selling Instant Acorn Soup mix!  For those of us who don’t want to gather, sort, dry, grind, leach, etc etc etc — Margo has done it all for us!  She also makes and sells teas and some of her handcrafted jewelry.

Footsteps Unlimited Website

Interview with Margo