Humboldt Distillery, Abe Stevens

Update!  We are pleased to announce that the Organic Vodka was awarded a gold medal at the highly respected 2014 Denver International Spirits Competition held this month in Denver, Colorado.  Congratulations to Abe Stevens and Humboldt Distillery!  They are also offering a spiced rum too…rum yum!

My husband was all smug when he came home and told me there was a distillery in Fortuna — usually I know about the food and drink businesses before he does.  A little scooping around on the internet and I had enough info to give Abe Stevens a call.  The business is Humboldt Distillery — it’s the vodka with the crab on the bottle…most common question he is asked?  is it crab-flavored vodka? — of course not!  Coming soon rum and brandy — but in the meantime you can check out his website — and the interview

Humboldt Distillery