Sheil Pec-Krause, Tule Fog Farm

I had heard about Sheil before the interview — she had been involved with a movement to help people raise local poultry…until she considered that the feed for local poultry has to be shipped in from the grain growing regions of the US…and thought — maybe we should just ship in the chicken!  it might just be more environmentally friendly.  Chickens require specific feed that just isn’t raised anywhere we would consider local.

So…she got into raising hogs and has a Meat CSA — called Tule Fog Farm — where she raises pastured pork that can be fed excess produce…yes, it takes longer to raise that CAFO pork, it actually takes 2 years to reach maturity.  To find out more about Tule Fog Farm and pasture raised pork — listen here.  In the meantime check out their Facebook Site