Klamath Salmon Festival

For the 56th year the Yurok people in Klamath are celebrating the life blood of the region — the salmon that come charging up the river!  This year the festival was very successful because the salmon were plentiful enough to be caught for this event — and were cooked in the traditional way making a very special lunch for many of us.  The streets were lined with vendors and stores in the community were open and celebrating as well.  Lena Hurd was busy weaving a basket in the booth that she was sharing with several others, many vendors were selling clothing with native designs, and I bought a beautiful fused glass dish with a raven design (and sure enough I called raven to my house with that bowl because he is visiting constantly and has lots to say!).  There was some fantastic music with a live band and a parade down the main street.

Listen here to the interview with Penny Gensaw while she and her family prepare the salmon barbeque to feed the hungry crowds.

This program was supported in part by the Northwest California Tribal Communities Extension Program, a USDA funded project through UC Cooperative Extension of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties