Maggy Herbelin and Goat’s Milk Cheeses

On a glorious sunfilled afternoon, we talked with Maggy Herbelin about extreme cooking and food preparation.  Maggy creates her own ingredients by making cheese, yogurt, sour cream — as a microbiologist, Maggy has fun playing with the creatures that make some of the foods we savor.  Let me entertain you with some of Maggy’s photos of her “babies” and then you can listen to the interview.

Baby goats with their favorite meal...goat's milk!


Is it my imagination or does this goat look bad!


Caring for baby goats


Rambunctious Goat Fun


Bottle feeding goats...does it get any better than this?


Calhoun’s Original Southside Bar-B-Que Sauce

Calhoun’s Original Southside Bar-B-Que Sauce is owned and operated by Michael Cohen-Ross and his wife Alisa — you may have seen them down at the farmer’s market on Saturday — that’s where I ran into him.  He agreed to come up to the KHSU studio for an interview…and he brought BBQ chicken wings with him — between slurping sauce off our fingers we were able to interview Michael about how he got started cooking, how important his family has been, and what his plans are for the future…to listen, click here.

Buck ‘N Daisy Rabbitry

David MacCuish from Buck ‘N Daisy Rabbitry (co-owned with Ash Wells) provides rabbits for pets or meat as well as builds rabbit hutches for those interested in raising rabbits.  To listen to an interview with David click here.

Daisy the Rabbit!

Woody the bunny is keeping an eye on you!

Shaft the Rabbit

Tornado the Rabbit -- pauses for a photo op!

Loleta Bakery

News: Sorry to say the news is that the Loleta Bakery is closed — I will really miss this place!  I hope all the best for Peter and Jeanne, don’t know why they closed but it certainly wasn’t for lack of great food. 

The Loleta Bakery is located on Main St. in the little village of Loleta and is owned by Peter and Jeanne Van Der Zee.  An interview will be posted at a later date.  The pastries, breads and lunches are fantastic, a must see when in the Eel River area.  Everyone in the bakery is warm and welcoming — I recommend a trip to the Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge and stopping at Loleta Bakery for a chocolate croissant…or parmesan pesto croissant — I’ve also stopped for lunch before going to the Ferndale Rep for a play — A few photos to tease you until you have a chance to stop by for warm buttery pastries!  To listen to the interview click here.

Peter and Jeanne Van der Zee, Owners of Loleta Bakery

Willis McCartney is pouring out some freshly ground wheat flour

Rosie Venza is cooking up lunch — looks like Lasagna today!

Season Pineda chops up some rich chocolate for a ganache…

Coming soon…sourdough bread as a regular feature! This is the starter…

Kristen LaFever wraps a loaf of honey wheat bread…

Slow Food Humboldt – Michael Escheveste

To listen to the interview with Michael Escheveste:

This show aired on the KHSU Homepage on July 24, 2009

Slow Food Movement

Michael Escheveste is leading the Slow Food Movement in Humboldt County.  In the first meeting 60 people from the community attended and are now working to develop strategies for Good, Clean and Fair food choices in Humboldt county.  To listen to the interview with Michael Escheveste: