Daryl Coldren, Fine Feather Ranch

I’m sure any farmer or rancher would say that they prefer flat land — heaven knows I’ve discovered that gardening at home on the side of the hill is threatening to make one leg longer than the other, and I curse the sloped property on which we built our home on a daily basis.  This is why I was surprised to discover that Daryl Coldren of Fine Feather Ranch is my neighbor.

High atop Humboldt Hill, in fact I think it is the very last address on Humboldt Hill Road, lies Fine Feather Ranch and a flock of chickens that are busy laying eggs that travel to the farmers market and end up on many breakfast plates throughout the county.  Daryl is raising his chickens organically and expects to have a batch of meat chickens winding their way through the mobile poultry processing system soon, so keep an eye out.  Whether these chickens have one leg longer than the other will be something we can find out as we prep the chicken for roasting 😉  To reach Daryl you can call (707) 407-0793 or email at FineFeatherRanch@gmail.com

Listen to the interview here