JoAnn Olson, Humboldt Bay Mycological Society

JoAnn Olson is one of the founding members of the Humboldt Bay Mycological Society — a group of locals who are interested in fungi.  OK — interested might be an understatement, these folks are downright passionate.  And — not just the edible kind, which represent only a teeny tiny number of the thousands and thousands of fungi that are out there.  The Humboldt Bay Mycological Society are the folks that bring us the annual Mushroom Fair at Redwood Acres, where you can bring the fungi you’d like to ID, or buy a kit and grow mushrooms at home — I’ve done that several times and it’s great fun to watch the beautiful little shroomies appear from the planting mix.

Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 here

Check out the Humboldt Bay Mycological Society here or check out their Facebook here


Mushrooms with Michael Egan — Mycality

Learn about Michael Egan’s burgeoning mushroom business — with a laboratory and greenhouse he raises hundreds of pounds of mushrooms each month.  To buy mushrooms you can find him at the Arcata Farmers Market on Saturdays, get there early since he sells out by mid-morning.  You can reach him by phone at 834-6396.  You can find his locally produced mushrooms at many fine restaurants too. Listen now:

Mike sells his beautiful mushrooms at the Farmers Market in the Plaza on Saturdays!


Lots of mushrooms!


This show aired on the KHSU Homepage on June 26, 2009

More mushrooms!