David MacCuish, Winter Farmers Market

What is better than the Farmers Market at the Arcata Plaza?  Oh sure, I shop at the Hendersen Center market — after all I do live south of Eureka…but for an all out celebration of local food, nothing beats my weekly trip to the Arcata Plaza.  And now there is a great reason to celebrate, the Arcata Farmers Market is now open year round — sure, there aren’t any tomatoes, but winter is the time to eat up brussel sprouts, kale and chard — and there will definitely be some surprises like Jacques Neukom’s yacon — seriously –ask him about it, it’s like a jicama on steroids looking like a giant yam.  I am now growing my own — Jacques even said they do better on the coast than his Willow Creek farm (yay! can’t grow those tomatoes but I am now a mean Yacon grower!)  You know how this works, the more we support the Winter Farmers Market the bigger and better it will get — see you there!

Check out the website for the North Coast Growers Association

Listen to the interview

Fieldbrook Valley Apple Farms, Betty Lovie

Betty Lovie talks about how she and Dick Lovie got started raising apples in Fieldbrook at their farm, to listen click here.

To learn more about what is going on at Fieldbrook Valley Apple Farms, click here.

Humboldt Hotdogs, John Quaccia

Who knew hotdogs would be so very interesting, in fact friends of mine said they heard the interview and almost changed the channel until they became engrossed in the story of John Quaccia, former social worker, now owner of Humboldt Hotdogs.  To listen to that interview, click here.

Little River Farm – John Severn

John Severn of Little River Farm out in Freshwater talks about making a living farming in Humboldt County and finding his niche raising greens — to listen to Part 1, click here.

To listen to Part 2, click here.

Little River Farm

140 Ole Hansen Road
Eureka, CA 95503-9422
(707) 441-9286

Humboldt Grassfed Beef

Sara Mora is one of the family partners in Humboldt Grassfed Beef. 

To listen to Part 1 of a two-part interview click here.

To listen to Part 2 of a two-part interview click here.

Bert Walker, Hard Cider

If you have taken an Agriculture class at College of the Redwoods — you have probably taken a class with Bert Walker.  Recently Bert retired from CR and is pursuing a new career making hard cider from the apples in his orchard in Fortuna.  Bert can still be found guest lecturing in the Ag Program at CR.

I know, I know — this one took a long time — excuse is that it was difficult to edit — blah blah blah — but here it is!

Interview with Bert Walker, Hard Cider Brewer

Also — be sure to enjoy an Adophus Spitzenburg apple, Bert’s favorite eating apple!  Hard to find, but worth the effort —

Loleta Cheese Factory

In an interview with Bob LaFrancchi we talked about the things Loleta Cheese Factory does to make great cheese — Listen here

To check out the Loleta Cheese Factory…website

Bill Carvahlo, Wild Planet Seafood

Bill Carvalho, President of Wild Planet  —

Part 1 of a 2-Part interview with Bill Carvahlo click here

Part 2  of the 2-Part interview with Bill Carvahlo click here

Check out their website here

Organic Matters Farm

Johnny Gary with Organic Matters reviewed some insight into the world of pastured pork – listen here!

Johnny Gary and Heather Plaza are the owners of Organic Matters Farm — you may remember them from their previous farm – G Farm.  Organic Matters is located in the Humboldt Bay Region near Indianola — to hear an interview with Johnny and Heather, click here.

To reach Organic Matters Farm

John Gary and Heather Plaza
6743 Myrtle Ave
Eureka, CA, 95503
(707) 407-FARM

email: heyheath@hotmail.com

Jerry Rohde, Local Historian

A few added tidbits of information for Jerry Rohde — did you know…”of a 74-pound cabbage grown near the Wildlife Refuge and an 18-inch-in-circumference onion from near College of the Redwoods. And of course there was the free cabbage seed given to residents of Loleta because a company contemplated starting a sauerkraut factory there.”  posted November 30, 2011

Local Historian Jerry Rohde shares some of the history of local food production after white settlers arrived in Humboldt County.  This two part interview was recorded in November 2010.  Part 1; Part 2

The historical photos were provided by Jerry Rohde and are part of the Humboldt County Historical Society collection.

Jerry Rohde and a fabulous field of lupine

Ferndale Fishing

Ferndale Creamery Truck

Fortuna Threshing

Loleta Butcher 1900

Baadsgaard's Turkey Ranch on Dow's Prairie

Famous Pepperwood Corn

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