Albacore Tuna Canning – Joyce Houston and Jennifer Bell Master Food Preservers

The Master Food Preservers of Humboldt and Del Norte County are a group of superstars — they are part of the University of California Cooperative Extension and are volunteers giving thousands of hours teaching people how to safely preserve food.  One of the best foods to demonstrate?  Albacore Tuna!

Many people grew up with albacore tuna coming in a can like Starkist, Bumble Bee, etc — for the lucky ones, there were jars of home canned tuna on the shelves.  This tuna is solid albacore loin that completely fills the jar (minus the required 1 inch headspace!) — and is beautiful white flesh that is decadent in a regular tuna salad or kicked up in a tuna mac and cheese casserole…or just eaten out of the jar! (maybe with a little of Henry’s Olive Oil drizzled on top)

As with all delicious items, it doesn’t just happen — in many cases the instructions for canning are passed down through generations.  Sometimes it’s a group project and you can enlist your friends and share these skills with them — always it requires owning or borrowing a pressure canner (no, not a pressure cooker — this is different, it’s a canner).

Luckily, the Master Food Preservers have produced a pamphlet called Albacore Tuna: Canning the Catch.  Since we are such techno-wizards these days I am including images of all of the pages in the pamphlet so you can have it now (while the tuna is in your ice chest and you are powering up your canner…yes, I know you…) — sorry these don’t look pretty, but info is more important right now…

In the meantime you can listen to Joyce and I wax on about the wonders of canning albacore tuna here

Part 1

Part 2

Master Food Preservers Facebook Page

UC Extension Website for Master Food Preservers



Joyce Houston, Master Food Preserver

The 2017 Application for the Master Food Preserver program is here!


With all the great produce that is available every fall, we all have our favorite ways of preserving it so we can enjoy it all year around — and it really depends on the items.  As a Master Food Preserver with the University of California Cooperative Extension, Joyce Houston can be counted on to share the information on the safest and best tasting ways to do this.

The training to become a Master Food Preserver is pretty intensive — it meets early February to early March, Saturdays 9A-4P and Mondays 5:30-8:30.  For more information contact the University of California Cooperative Extension, 707-445-7351 or visit the website or the Master Food Preserver Facebook Page

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2

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