Humboldt Cider Company, Jamie Ashdon

We think of hard cider as being an adults only beverage — but there was a time in north America when drinking fermented beverages was commonplace with everyone including children — many diseases could be contracted from drinking tainted water and it was much safer to consume hard beverages.  With the advent of prohibition hard cider became a thing of the past — for a very long time!

But, thanks to some small cider works — and also thanks to orchardists throughout the country that kept the cider varieties alive and propagated, we are returning to a golden age for hard cider.  Here in Humboldt County there are many home brewers — and Humboldt Cider Company, co-owned by Jamie Ashdon (you will remember him from our episode on Humboldt Beer Works), and Michelle and Darren Cartledge (beer and cider enthusiasts and makers) will be providing an opportunity to savor the terroir of Humboldt with a tasting room at Redwood Acres.

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Jamie Ashdon, Humboldt Beer Works

Is everyone brewing beer but me?  Seems like it — after interviewing Jamie Ashdon I have heard from several people in varying stages of brewing…meanwhile I was all impressed with myself because I had cured and smoked my own bacon and ham hocks.  Obviously I need to up the bar!

Part 1 of Jamie Ashdon’s Interview

Part 2 of Jamie Ashdon’s Interview

Humboldt Beer Works was established in 2011.  Owners Jamie Ashdon and Josh Reed first met and began talking about starting their own homebrew supply store in 2010 during homebrew club meetings.  It quickly became clear that they both shared similar visions in a homebrew store.  Several meetings, conversations and beers later, they eventually formalized their partnership and got to work.

Their initial phase of HBW is the homebrew supply shop.  Future phases will include a specialty bottle shop and tap room.  They want to be your one stop shop for all things beer!  Pick up your brewing ingredients, some inspiration to take home, and have a draft in the tap room or while you shop.  It will be your modern day hardware store hangout!

Currently, their operations are located at 511 6th Street, Eureka, California.